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En el siglo XVI, impulsado por las nuevas corrientes renacentistas dignificadoras del vulgar, el castellano inicia su imparable expansión buscando equipararse al latín. En esta pugna extenderá su uso a dominios hasta entonces reservados a la lengua latina, tales como la diplomacia, la ciencia y también la religión.
There is extensive debate on the impact of increases in world-wide prices on the costs of basic foods in Mozambique. Until now, local maize prices are within seasonal norms, and rice prices only recently started to increase. In the medium and long run, if the world-wide prices to continue at the current high levels, there is a need to develop policies that take in consideration two aspects: (i) the role of local production and the possibilities to increase production and productivity with greater marketing of the commodities, and (ii) the opportunities to mitigate the problem of food security for the most vulnerable households that are so strongly affected by the high prices for basic goods and for the costs of living overall, without lower cost alternatives.
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