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Comment: 16 pages, latex, 7 figures -- Proceedings of "Workshop on Nuclear Physics with Effective Field Theory" -- sprocl.sty and epsfig.sty required
Nuclear Physics is the branch of physics that deals with the properties and structure of matter on the hadronic level. In this article we review briefly the history of this field, which has a major role in the development of our understanding of nature. We then proceed to give an outline of a current perspective of the field and of some of the issues that are now on its frontiers.
Comment: LaTeX2e with iopart.cls, 84 pages, 19 figures (graphicx package), 374 updated references. Published in Reports on Progress in Physics, vol.62, pp. 395-464 (1999)
Broadcast Transcript: The North Korean situation is frightening for many reasons but none, perhaps, more eerily disturbing than images of North Koreans celebrating in brightly colored costumes just days after the nation's underground nuclear test. That the celebrations were staged is believable. That the North Koreans are proud of the tests and apparently unaware of the world's condemnation is less so. It's hard to imagine that such isolation could exist in today's broadband world but when you learn that there are only 55 TVs for every 1000 households, TVs that are pre-tuned to the government station, it suddenly seems to make more sense: North Koreans don't know about the outside world. That's likely to change: If nothing else, nuclear testing should bring the outside world in. #ceas #hacker #NorthKorea #tsutsui
Comment: 33 pages, LaTeX, uses iopart and iopams styles; 22 eps figures included using graphicx. v2: comments and references added, results and conclusions unchanged, final version
Comment: 8 pages, 3 figures, 2 tables
Publicado en la sección Derecho de Minería y Energía.
Broadcast Transcript: Pay no attention to that nuclear warhead behind the 18th hole; just shout "Fore!" and drive your Titleist down the fairway. In a development that is bizarre even by North Korean standards, the country is making a move to sell itself as a golf resort... mostly to their golf-mad neighbors to the south. The new Diamond Country Club is located at Mt. Kumgang, just a short bus ride across the demilitarized zone. Selling points include: cheaper greens fees (though still too steep for North Koreans to pay); the longest hole in the world (3,245 feet); 19 holes instead of 18 and a 14th hole being billed as the "unification" hole because all you have to do is get your ball on the green and it will automatically roll into the cup. No putting necessary, but don't forget your hazmat suit. #ceas #hacker #NorthKorea #tsutsui
Comment: Two columns, 26 pages, 24 figures, minor typo corrected. Published in Wiley Encyclopedia of Physics, ISBN-13: 978-3-527-40691-3 - Wiley-VCH, Berlin, 2009
Comment: Proceedings of the 12th Conference on Problems in Theoretical Nuclear Physics, to appear in Journal of Physics, Conference Series
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