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The hydrocarbon systems of the Mesozoic, inverted West Netherlands Basin have been analyzed using 2-D forward modelling. Three source rocks are considered in the modelling: Lower Jurassic oil-prone shales,Westphalian gas-prone coal deposits, and Lower Namurian oil-prone shales.The Lower Namurian hydrocarbon system of the basin is discussed for the first time. According to the modelling results of the Early Jurassic oil system, the oil accumulations were filled just after the main inversion event. Their predicted locations are in agreement with exploration results. Modelling results of the Westphalian gas system, however, show smaller and larger sized accumulations at unexplored locations. The gas reservoirs were filled during the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous rifting phase. Results of modelling of the Lower Namurian oil system indicat...
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Budgetary policy , Consumption , Exports , Financial sector , Financial system stability assessment , Fiscal policy , Netherlands , Selected issues ,
Recently, there has been a lot of interest in achieving a broader perspective on prosperity and the development of countries. This study is about a composite index for describing and monitoring developments in the life situation of the Dutch population. Since 1974 this Life Situation Index (LSI) is used by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research/SCP to measure objective aspects of the individual life situation (realised wellbeing). In the study the (international) context and the choices made are described and discussed. The LSI is composed of indicators from eight life domains: housing, health, leisure activity, consumer durables, sport activity, vacation, social participation and mobility. The objective of the index is to be policy-relevant, describe the life situation as a whole, and to make progress or deterioration of the li...
Economic conditions , Netherlands ,
Economic conditions , Netherlands ,
Economic conditions , Netherlands ,
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