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Binder's title: Cleveland medical thesis, 1860-1861, v. 24.
Thesis--Cleveland Medical College, 1850.
Listed as Benjamin Denny in Class of 1870 graduates. Cf. F.C. Waite's Alumni catalogue of the School of Medicine of Western Reserve University.
Of course, the quality and coherence varies considerably, as did the aptitude and intellect of the students. One might look in vain for great originality; most pieces were a review of the literature on the thesis topic. But one cannot help but be impressed by students’ expository skill and generally high command of the English language. The theses may use correct (for the time) terminology, but in other respects are written in plain, clear, straightforward manner. Jargon is all but non-existent, so the theses are very accessible to all readers. In summary, the theses of Western Reserve medical students capture a moment in time, just on the eve when the biological sciences transformed medicine and made it less approachable.
[Extract] Medical education is currently under the spotlight both in Australia and internationally. It is, for example, influencing and being influenced by major global initiatives such as the International Campaign to Revitalise Academic Medicine (a collaboration of medical academics seeking to secure a vibrant future for academic medicine) and the recent Productivity Commission's report on Australia's health workforce, which highlighted the need for more responsive education and training. 1,2 New medical schools are being established, with some seeking to develop innovative programs and access perceived niche markets. 3 Some of these issues were debated at a conference in March 2005 hosted by the Committee of Deans of Australian Medical Schools. It was against this background that the School of Medicine at the University of Queensl...
Alexander Krumpholz, David Hawking, Richard Jones, Tom Gedeon and Hugh Greville
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