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Italian trade, Export capacity, Technological specialization, Economic growth, trade policies
We study BIC-like model selection criteria. In particular, we approximate the lower-order terms, which typically include the constant $\log \int \sqrt \det I(\theta) d\theta$, where $I(\theta)$ is the Fisher information at parameter value $\theta$. We observe that the constant can sometimes be a huge negative number that dominates the other terms in the criterion for moderate sample sizes. At least in the case of Markov sources, including the lower-order terms in the criteria dramatically degrades model selection accuracy. A take-home lesson is to keep it simple.
Bro. Karl Gaspar, CSsR is a Mindanawon Redemptorist brother, former political detainee and cultural worker described by one writer as ???perhaps the most prolific and knowledgeable of Mindanao playwrights.??? Manobo Dreams in Arakan is based on his doctoral dissertation at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. The book focuses on a lumad or indigenous cultural community in Mindanao, the Manobos, who live in the Arakan Valley of North Cotabato. Bro. Gaspar analyzes the experience of oppression and struggle of the Manobos to keep their homeland using the German philosopher Jurgen Habermas??? theory of communicative action.
The Internet offers numerous services which educators can use to keep track of developments in their fields of interest. Internet services that can be used to provide a current awareness service (CAS) in the field of distance education are explored in this article and specific examples are considered. The services considered are all available free of charge or at a very reasonable fee and can be used with a fair amount of ease by individual users. Tables of contents services, electronic newsletters (or e-zines), push services, news filtering services, intelligent agents, news services, search engines and mailing lists and newsgroups are discussed. The value of keeping track of developments in distance education is also pointed out.
We examine how allowing individuals to emigrate to pay lower taxes abroad changes the optimal non-linear income tax scheme in a Mirrleesian economy. An individual emigrates if his domestic utility is less than his utility abroad net of migration costs, utilities and costs both depending on productivity. Three average social criteria are distinguished - national, citizen and resident - according to the agents whose welfare matters. A curse of the middle-skilled occurs in the first-best, and it may be optimal to let some highly skilled leave the country under the resident criterion. In the second-best, under the Citizen and Resident criteria, preventing emigration of the highly skilled is not necessarily optimal because the interaction between the incentive-compatibility and participations constraints may cause countervailing incentives....
optimal income tax, top-income earners, migration, incentive constraints, participation constraints
Not just an admirably clear, beautifully written, and extremely well informed summary of a generation of productive scholarship, Promises to Keep is also the fist comprehensive statement of a new view of the history of race relations law in America. Compared to the post-civil rights movement feeling of deep malaise, Donald G. Nieman's interpretation is more attentive to the efforts of African Americans to assert their rights, more sympathetic to their white liberal allies, and more impressed with the plasticity and changeability of the law. Short but detailed, assuming no initial knowledge but containing at least some facts that will be new to all but the most advanced specialists, simultaneously printed in hard and soft covers, this first published volume in the Organization of American Historians' series of bicentennial essays on the...
predictable problems, proactive response, cross-border collaboration, food, fuel riots
During a payload transition from the transport vehicle to its worksite on the International Space Station (ISS), the payload is unpowered for up to 6 hours. Its radiator(s) will continue to radiate heat to space. It is necessary to make up the heat loss to maintain the payload temperature above the cold survival limit. Typically an interplanetary Probe has no power generation system. It relies on its battery to provide limited power for the Communication and Data Handling (C&DH) subsystem during cruise, and heater power is unavailable. It is necessary to maintain the C&DH temperature above the minimum operating limit. This paper presents a novel thermal design concept that utilizes phase change material (PCM) to store thermal energy by melting it before the payload or interplanetary Probe is unpowered. For the ISS, the PCM is melted by...
To overcome the shortage in teachers in the Netherlands, it is important to understand why not many students choose to become a teacher and why beginning teachers often quit their job within a few years. In this research, it is investigated if there is a positive relation between perceived teacher ownership and job satisfaction and if factors including age, gender, subject, experience and type of school play a role. Participants were teachers at three different schools: Kulosaari Secondary School (Finland), United World College of the Adriatic (Italy) and State College High School (United States of America). Participants responded to questions about age, gender, years of teaching and subject, and answered a questionnaire about perceived teacher ownership and job satisfaction. The results indicated a strong and positive relationship be...
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