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Community Correspondence - Letters from citizens asking to keep Portsmouth Naval Shipyard open
Executive Correspondence - Copies of Resolution 05-63 - A Resolution Supporting the "Keep Cannon" Initiative
Tim Leunig proposes different ways to cut costs and thus keep train fares down. For instance, where passenger flows are too low, lines should close.
Letter to David Combs from the OPERATION KEEP CANNON Coalition summarizing their case that the Air Force data related to Cannon AFB is wrong and should justify cannon's removal from the closure list.
Externalizing behavior problems are highly prevalent among children in foster care, placing them at risk for placement disruptions and later personal and social maladjustment. The KEEP foster parent intervention was designed to equip foster parents and relative caregivers with the parenting skills necessary for managing challenging behavior problems. In prior research, the KEEP intervention was found to be effective in reducing child behavior problems. In the current study, the KEEP foster parent intervention was implemented in San Diego County during a three-year trial. The intervention was delivered by paraprofessionals employed by a local community agency (Social Advocates for Youth, San Diego) to 181 foster parent and relative caregivers of boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 12. The control group from an earlier effectiveness...
This article identifies and explains three fundamental propositions about the relationship between the federal and state constitutions, using examples to illustrate the general propositions. Those propositions are as follows: (1) State constitutional provisions that conflict with federal law are preempted; (2) State constitutions may provide greater protection of individual rights than does the federal constitution; and (3) State constitutions in theory also may provide less protection of individual rights than the federal constitution, but in that event they are rendered ineffective by federal preemption. The article then applies these principles in the context of the right to keep and bear arms, making some observations about the nature and scope of that right under both the U.S. and state constitutions. The article includes an appen...
Communication skills change with age as a result of sensory deficits, memory loss, and increasing word finding difficulties The Keep on Talking program (L. Hickson, H. Barnett, L. Worrall, & E. Yiu, 1994) was developed to assist older people to develop their own strategies for maintaining communication skills into old age. Two hundred and fifty-two healthy older people were recruited from the community and were assessed on a battery of communication assessments on entry to the study and at 1 year after entry. The experimental group (n = 120) participated in the 5-week group Keep on Talking program run by volunteers A further 130 control subjects were assessed only. The short-term effectiveness of the program was evaluated using a short knowledge based and attitudinal questionnaire and qualitative written feedback. At the I-year f...
The purpose of writing this paper is to discuss the economic condition of Bangladesh and the challenges Bangladesh face to keep pace in global economy. This paper explains what challenges restrain Bangladesh to accelerate its trade and business globally. Also mentioned in this paper some prospects of this country’s economy, in which investment and business can be accelerated with foreign countries. This paper also examines some basic obstacles of Bangladesh economy and it also describes some recommendations of how to solve these obstacles to build a sturdy economy for Bangladesh.
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