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Ring nozzle helps to prevent choking of coal-slurry pipelines. Intended originally for use in coal mines, nozzle concept generally applicable to short-haul slurry pipelines where high-pressure water (or other slurry fluid) available. Extra water injected into flow near wall of slurry pipe to keep slurry particles from setting and blocking pipe.
You are beginning the second project in a Keep Well club. In order that you may plan the work that you will do, an outline is given here of the problems your club will study; (1) Guarding the Gateways, (2) Let's build good teeth, (3) Thinking High and living right, (4) Red blood and fresh air, and (5) Protect ourselves and those around us.
In an auction with a buy price, a seller offers bidders the opportunity to forgo competing in an auction by transacting immediately at a pre-specified fixed price. If a seller has aspirations in the form of a reference price that depends upon the auction's reserve price and buy price, she does best to keep her aspirations sufficiently low by designing a no-reserve auction with a buy price low enough that some bidder types would exercise it with positive probability in equilibrium. The seller is indifferent between the auction component of her mechanism being a first- or second-price auction.
Auction; Aspiration; Buy price; Internet; Reference-dependence
keeping up with the Joneses, consumption externalities, leisure
Environmental Writing and Great Lakes Literature
The following work is dedicated to Rebekka Bakken and her comprehensive artistic work as a composer, songwriter, singer, band leader and producer. It covers an artistic portrait and a personal style analysis of the native Norwegian, that aims to determine what is the specific of her music. The determination of charactaristics in music is always about recurring, individual samples in the work of an artist. To explain these samples it needs a comprehensive view on the biography and the surroundings of the artist, since his or her creative work depends to a large extent on the personal experiences. The present work is divided into two parts. The first part is based on the results of a qualitative interview with the artist, in which she gives an idea of her private and musical life, both chronologically (biography and her artistic deve...
Previous research has suggested that communication and especially promises increase cooperation in laboratory experiments. This has been taken as evidence for internal motivations such as guilt aversion or preference for promise keeping. The original goal of this paper was to examine promises under a double blind payoff procedure to test the alternative explanation that promise keeping was due to external influence and reputational concerns. We find no evidence that communication increases the overall level of cooperation in our double blind experiment. However, our results are due in part to the high level of cooperation that we observe, leading us to conduct additional single blind conditions. Ultimately, we find no evidence that communication or payoff procedures impact aggregate cooperation.
Bibliography: leaves 338-341.
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