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State Input - Operation Keep Cannon - Presented by Cannon Communities - Regional Hearing
Community Correspondence - Thousands of signatures from concerned citizens expressing their desire to keep Yeager Airport Air Guard Station
Regional Hearing Presentation to BRAC Commission – Operation Keep Cannon Presentation given by the Clovis and Portales NM Communities to the Commission on 06/25/05
The International Space Station (ISS) Environmental Control and Life Support (ECLS) system performance can be impacted by operations on ISS. This is especially important for the Temperature and Humidity Control (THC) and for the Fire Detection and Suppression (FDS) subsystems. It is also more important for Node 1 since it has become a convenient area for many crew tasks and for stowing hardware prior to Shuttle arrival. This paper will discuss the current requirements for ECLS keep out zones in Node 1; the issues with stowage in Node 1 during Increment 7 and how they impacted the keep out zone requirements; and the solution during Increment 7 and 8 for maintaining the keep out zones in Node 1.
This paper surveys the recent literature on competition between mobile network operators in the presence of call externalities and network effects. It shows that the regulation of mobile termination rates based on “long-run incremental costs” increases networks’ strategic incentives to inefficiently set high on-net/off-net price differentials, thus harming smaller networks and new entrants. The paper argues in favor of a “bill-and-keep” system for mobile-to-mobile termination, and presents international evidence in support of this conclusion.
Interdependent utility, relative income, social comparisons, inequality, emulation, labor market participation of married women.
As European firms have faced strong competition from businesses in other industrial economies, in order to reduce production costs and keep prices competitive they have begun outsourcing their production to low wage countries. Although final firms have taken clear advantage from outsourcing abroad and their profit, after delocalization, have systematically increased, the question regarding the possible impoverishment of the outsourcing territory is nonetheless pertinent. The aim of the paper is to analyze the governance of the value chain operating in the traditional sectors of textile, clothing and shoe, pointing particularly to delocalization through sub-contracting. The case studied deals with Veneto firm relations with Romania. As the result of the analyses, the authors are in the opinion that a rapid outsourcing process has profou...
This paper includes an in-depth look at one university library’s technique in down-sizing its collection to make room for new services and to provide patrons with a more relevant, useful collection of books. Kent State University’s “smart pull” process included moving a large collection of books to remote storage to create these new services in the library. This process led to the sorting of the library’s large collection based on factors such as low use and publication date. It also allowed for continuous sorting of the collection as demand for books in the remote storage increased. The paper discusses its strategic technique and explains the challenges faced when trying to keep the majority satisfied with the process. It also highlights the university’s steps toward this process and provides an analysis of its successes.
At the start of their term, politicians often announce which issue they intend to address. To shed light on this agenda setting, we develop a model in which a politician has to decide whether or not to address a public issue. Addressing an issue means that the politician investigates the issue and next chooses for either a major reform or a minor reform. Not addressing an issue means that the status quo is maintained. Politicians differ in their ability to make correct decisions. They want to make good decisions and want to come across as able decision makers. An important characteristic of the model is that politicians and voters have different priors concerning the desirability of a major reform. We show that electoral concerns may lead to anti-pandering. Politicians tend to put issues on their political agenda when voters are relati...
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