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Keep Going is a collection of poetry whose themes include life in modern America, man’s relationship with the natural world, and living in the Midwest. The collection includes both free verse and metric poetry and both narrative and lyric poetry.
In the following eighty pages a qualitative research will be presented in which is shown to what extend English in a functional situation can be used on different levels for different audiences. In today’s world globalization is an undeniable fact, and with that comes the increased use of the English language in many daily situations. English for native English speakers can be a lot different from English for non-native speakers. In this thesis technical corporate documentation is used to test the different levels of English. As for non-native speakers, the German audience is chosen, which means that a level of English is tested that is adjusted to the German language and culture. The main question that is stated in this research is the following: “To what extent do German native speakers, as non-native speakers of English, and Englis...
With current systems, we are forced to make decisions either to keep or not keep; delete or not delete a file. Unfortunately our opinions about many information items do not easily fit into this binary worldview. As a part of an exploratory study of looking at file organization on personal computers, this paper describes how people deal with this difficulty on their computers. It implies that people need a facility for information items that falls between the categories of keep and not keep.
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En abril de 2007 el poeta polaco Adam Zagajewski impartió las X Lecciones de poética de la Cátedra Félix Huarte, tituladas El diálogo entre las artes: pintura, música y poesía. Things keep their Secrets es la conferencia que el poeta dictó en la primera sesión de estas lecciones.
I work with short-duration seamless video loops. My work simultaneously depicts and emulates the material composition of time, specifically how action composes time and how time can compose or construct objects. My work is self-reflexive. Self-reflexive means that a product actively considers or examines its own production. In video this means breaking either the illusion of depicted time as real time or the illusion of the depicted image as real space. Video loops are self-reflexive by function. Their periodic recurrence points out the artifact of the medium. The periodic recurrence of video loops also changes the narrative quality of the moving image. Eliminating the beginning and end of videos, making them indefinite, calls the viewer into a suspended narrative. By making that narrative about the material composition of time, I ad...
The title heading this paper Being@ keep company with electronic evedence is referring to an university training on the Internet which is processing insight into how science 'works' (in the active sense of the word) under the articulation of information- and communication technology (ICT) and pursuing this aim by means of ICT. The programme is called Ommat. It connects ideas we put forward in earlier work [Kooistra et al., 2000]. There we concluded that the paper sources and the networks of paperpresenting scientists as they existed during the 20e era, will vanish and that we are facing an outward oriented ICT-methodology which can handle the situation of being connected the digital way. The consequence of the ICT methodology, we say, is that one is persistent at an address (being@) in a process of growing intelligence. One is (part of...
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