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Two novels in one volume: Ten Grand Tallulah And Temptation : Main Character: Johnny Diamond ; ; Hands Off The Lady :Main Character: Paul Downing Ten Grand Tellulah and Temptation was later revised as The Scarlet Flush
This paper recounts my attempts to visualize the concepts and ideas of queer theory in my studio practice through collecting, collage, assemblage, printmaking, installation, and performance. I focus on the concept of ???queering??? and how to translate this visually and linguistically to the creation of objects, people, and place using my own personal gay history as a reference point. I look at at what it means to ???queer??? objects through curation and display using my private collections as examples. I present my attempts to apply the concepts of queer theory to my studio practice using print media, gay valentines, the self portrait, and old scholastic photos of myself as another way of creating a gay personal visual history. I look at language through queer slang and the effect of being taunted for being perceived as queer...
This thesis describes the research, Costume Design and implementation for the non-professional Regional Premiere of the musical Candide, newly adapted from Voltaire by Mary Zimmerman with music by Leonard Bernstein and additional lyrics by Richard Wilbur, Stephen Sondheim, John Latouche, Lillian Hellman, and Dorothy Parker., presented at Kimball Hall on February 21-24, 2013. Directed by Alisa Belflower, the production was a collaborative effort between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film and School of Music with Mallory Maria Prucha serving as Costume/Make-Up Designer, Michaela Lynne Stein as Scenic Designer, Clay VanWinkle as Lighting Designer and David Tousley as Props Designer. Set in the mid-18th century, the operetta recounts the journey of an optimist, Candide, as he travels through countle...
Photograph of the recording session for "New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythm," done by Capitol Records in Chicago, IL. Pictured, from left to right are: Stan Kenton, unknown, Frank Rosolino, Don Bagley, and conductor Johnny Richards.
Two novels in one volume ; Cutie Cashed His Chips Main Character: Mike Farrell – Rick Straker (radio) ; Note: Revised as “The Million Dollar Babe” (April 1962) [with] Yogi Shrouds Yolande ; Main Character: Johnny Talbot – Steve Talbot (radio) ; Second Collector’s Series V1 no. 14, April 1958 ; Continuous pagination through two novels.
Three novels in one volume : Honky Tonk Homicide : Main Character: Joe Kahn [with] Butterfly Nett : Main Character: Joe Craig [with] Chill On Chili : Main Character: Johnny Eaton ; First Collector’s Series no. 10, May 1955 ; - Three ̀lovely' mysteries reprinted by request ; Titles on cover in following order: Chill on Chili ; Butterfly nett ; Honky tonk homicide
Südafrika ist geprägt von einer einzigartigen Geschichte des Kolonialismus und Apartheid. 1991 wurde der jahrzehntelangen Unterdrückung der afrikanischen Bevölkerung ein Ende gesetzt, die sozioökonomischen Auswirkungen jedoch sind gegenwärtig noch immer spürbar. Aufgrund der Industrialisierung und der Apartheidpolitik verloren die Angehörigen der Stammesvölker nicht nur Ehre und ihren Stolz sondern auch ihre ursprüngliche Heimat und lang gepflegte Traditionen. Durch den Einfluss der westlichen Welt und der Modernisierung wurden traditionelle Werte, wie Familie, Gemeinschaft, der Glaube an die Vorfahren und damit verbundene Bräuche und Traditionen immer mehr in den Hintergrund gedrängt und es scheint fast so als wäre modernen Denken vom Ego bestimmt. Das Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es daher zu untersuchen wie die stammesvölkische Kultur...
This publication may contain explicit sexual literary descriptions and/or artistic depictions.
This publication may contain explicit sexual literary descriptions and/or artistic depictions.
This publication may contain explicit sexual literary descriptions and/or artistic depictions.
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