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High Fashion In Homicide - Main Character: Johnny French – Johnny Lane (radio) ; Main Series no. 61, April 1958
Poster by the United Party, calling for votes for Johnny Kirstein. Dated 1974.
Poster by the United Party, calling for votes for Johnny Kirstein. Dated 1974.
Wreath For A Redhead : Main Character: Johnny Blair ; Main Series no. 41, June 1957 [photographic cover]
Chill On Chili : Main Character: Johnny Eaton ; “Lovely” Mystery Series, December 1953 [photographic cover]
Ten Grand Tallulah And Temptation : Main Character: Johnny Diamond ; Main Series no. 45, August 1957 [photographic cover]
The Frame Is Beautiful : Main Character: Johnny Dead ; “Reprint by Demand” series no. 30, October 1960 [photographic cover]
Yoga Shrouds Yolande : Main Character: Johnny Talbot – Steve Talbot (radio) ; “Lovely” Mystery Series, February 1954 [photographic cover]
Trouble Is A Dame : Main Character: Johnny Grahame (private eye) ; Large Format Series, July 1954, [photographic cover] ; This title "Trouble with a dame" was published in 1957 with a different story.
This paper recounts my attempts to visualize the concepts and ideas of queer theory in my studio practice through collecting, collage, assemblage, printmaking, installation, and performance. I focus on the concept of ???queering??? and how to translate this visually and linguistically to the creation of objects, people, and place using my own personal gay history as a reference point. I look at at what it means to ???queer??? objects through curation and display using my private collections as examples. I present my attempts to apply the concepts of queer theory to my studio practice using print media, gay valentines, the self portrait, and old scholastic photos of myself as another way of creating a gay personal visual history. I look at language through queer slang and the effect of being taunted for being perceived as queer...
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