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La ricerca ha preso in considerazione esclusivamente l’analisi di un singolo romanzo di Beppe Fenoglio: Primavera di bellezza (1959). Il primo e unico testo lungo che l’autore pubblicò in vita. Il lavoro procede attraverso tre fasi: illustrare la storia e la ricezione del testo; analizzare lo stile peculiare del romanzo; interpretare i nuclei di senso principali dell'opera.
This biography successfully traces the career of an Irish immigrant whose colorful life defines the realities of pioneering while at the same time providing the stuff of Western dime novels, movies, campfire storytelling, and adventure yarns. His remarkable range of experiences as frontier soldier, whiskey trader to Canadian Indians, and finally as a major player on the Alaskan frontier gives the author an opportunity to write a fast moving history of Montana, the Northwest Territories of Can ada, and Alaska.
Communities are traditionally built with one transportation mode and user in mind—the adult automobile driver. Recently, however, there has been an international focus on the trip to school as an opportunity to enhance children’s independent active travel. Several factors must be considered when designing programs to promote walking and bicycling. This paper examined the influence of child sex on caregivers’ decisions about travel mode choice to school. Caregivers of children in grades three to five from ten California Safe Routes to School communities were surveyed on their child’s normal travel mode to school and factors that determined travel decisions. Results indicate that the odds of walking and bicycling to school are 40 percent lower in girls than boys; however, this relationship is significantly moderated by the caregive...
This thesis is a motif study of the father figure and the father-son relation in the authorship of Henrik Wergeland, the grand representative of the Norwegian Romantic era. A superior thesis in this project is that this constitute central motifs in Wergelands lyric poetry and that the declaration of the father not can be seen as being only one-dimensional or merely negative, but characterized by ambiguity and tension. I examine the father problematic in three central texts in the authorship: Skabelsen, Mennesket og Messias (1830), Jan van Huysums Blomsterstykke (1840) and Den engelske Lods (1844). In all these works the concrete father figure central, and a strong relation between father and son is found. At the core of the reading lies an understanding of the romantic that opens to the dynamic in the romantic text, represented by Je...
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