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Jazz Lecture Series presentation by Johnny Smith on April 12, 1983 at 2:00PM at the UNT College of Music. Includes lecture and performance by Johnny Smith, guitar, interspersed with questions from the audience.
Photograph of Olive Pink's gardener Johnny Jampijinpa Yannarilyi, 1962-1973.Notes on the back by Olive Pink: 'Johnny Jampijinpa Yannarilyi. He was Reserve's gardener (on basic wage) for 6 and a 1/2 years from 1960 and for a total of 12 years. Died May 19th, 1973. Johnny was of Wailbri (sic) tribe and really "made" this Reserve - (the Australian Arid Regions Native Flora Reserve) O.M.P.' Photograph, probably taken by Olive Pink, from the Olive Pink Collection at the Olive Pink Botanic Garden, Alice Springs.
Community Correspondence - Letter from Johnny Ogden to the BRAC Commission regarding Cannon AFB, Clovis New Mexico, wishing to express his desire to keep the base open.
Executive Correspondence - Letter from SEN Johnny Isakson - GA dtd October 20, 2005 forwarding a constituents letter concerning audits of previous BRAC rounds.
The objectives of this study are (1) to translate the book “Johnny schweigt” to indonesian language (2) to describe the translation methods used in translation the book "Johnny schweigt" to Indonesian language (3) to describe the shifts that occur in translation (4) to describe accuracy rating. This study uses a descriptive qualitative approach. The data are 1528 simple and complex sentences from the book "Johnny schweigt" by Bernhard Hagemann. The findings of this study are as. (1) indonesien translation of the book “Johnny schweigt” (2) the method most widely used is literal method for 1310 (85,9%), followed by communicative 54 (3,5%), adaptation 51 (3,3%), word for word 49 (3,2%), faithful 48 (3,1%), free 16 (1%) (3) the shifts found are 1431, structure shift for 1402 (98%), unit shift 24 (1,7%), and class shift 5 (0,3%) (4) accurac...
El establecimiento de tarifas de entrada a parques, no sólo representa una estrategia para la conservación ambiental de zonas protegidas, sino que también facilita su autofinanciamiento. Pero, ¿cuál tarifa debería imponerse a una comunidad local, que se enfrenta a una variedad de sitios sustitutos, por los que no paga la entrada? El presente trabajo pretende estimar la demanda por recreación en el Parque Regional Johnny Cay para los residentes de la isla de San Andrés y una tarifa de entrada que corresponda con su disponibilidad a pagar (DAP), mediante de la aplicación de un Modelo de Utilidad Aleatoria (RUM) anidado.
KILBANE, JOHN PATRICK "JOHNNY" (18 Apr. 1889-31 May 1957), world featherweight boxing champion (1912-23), was born in Cleveland to John and Mary (Gallagher) Kilbane. He trained with Jimmy Dunn and had his first fight in 1907, a 3-round decision, which paid him $1.50 and carfare. Kilbane fought featherweight champion Abe Attell on 22 Feb. 1912, winning a 20-round decision. The 5'5" 120 lbs. champion retained the crown 11 years, the longest reign in featherweight-division history. After retaining his championship with a disputed 20-round draw with Johnny Dundee on 29 Apr. 1913, Kilbane fought mostly no-decision contests. During WORLD WAR I, he was a physical training instructor at Camp Sherman and Camp Gordon, Ga. On 17 Sept. 1921 at Cleveland's LEAGUE PARK, he knocked out contender Danny Frush in the 7th round, for which a crowd of 17...
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