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This paper is part of the December Special Section on Intelligent Systems. Received 19 August 2004; revision received 20 October 2004; accepted for publication 22 October 2004. Copyright  2004 by Ramachandra Sattigeri, Anthony J. Calise, and Johnny Evers. Published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc., with permission.
Letter to Mr. Delgado From Johnny M. Summers Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Commanding
Johnny Wong, Sarah Hemley, Nigel Jones, Shaokoon Cheng, Lynne Bilston, Marcus Stoodley
Desarrollo de un Sistema de Alerta Climática para Acuicultura (Parte I)
Generación de un Informe de Proyección Climática
The aims of this project were to investigate the impact of perioperative myocardial damage on morbidity and mortality after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), to determine whether biochemical marker levels after CABG correlate to perioperative myocardial infarct size, and to assess the long-term morbidity after CABG, in particular to determine whether women do worse. The studies were conducted in patients who had undergone isolated, primary CABG. The correlation of postoperative cardiac marker levels to early and late survival was evaluated in 4,911 consecutive patients; this showed that elevated cardiac markers implied a highly increased risk of both early cardiac death and late death. Hospital readmission for any cause and effect of gender on the readmission rate were analysed in 7,493 patients; it was found that the risk of rea...
Reporäntan är en central ekonomisk variabel inom penningpolitiken. Förändringen i räntan påverkar investeringar, produktionsnivå och inflation, däribland aktiepriser. Effekten av en förväntad ändring av räntan kommer att avgöra räntekänsligheten på olika aktiepriser. Syftet med den här uppsatsen är att undersöka och avgöra om det förekommer skillnader i räntekänslighet mellan olika aktieindex genom att tillämpa instrumentvariabelmetoden, i form av den generaliserade momentmetoden (GMM). Resultatet i uppsatsen tyder på att vissa aktieindex tenderar vara mer känsliga för en höjning- respektive sänkning av räntan. Branscherna fastighet- & finans samt IT har benägenhet att drabbas av en högre ränterisk gentemot läkemedel, telekom- och verkstadsindex. Marknaden för olika aktieindex ser olika ut i form av antal aktörer, konkurrens och ri...
The alpha-2 adrenergic receptor (α2-AR) subfamily includes three different subtypes, α2A-, α2B- and α2C-AR, all believed to exert their function through heterotrimeric Gi/o-proteins. The present study was undertaken in order to investigate subtype differences in terms of cellular response and to explore other potential signalling pathways of α2-ARs. Evidence is provided for a strong Gs-protein coupling capability of the α2B-AR, leading to stimulation of adenylyl cyclase (AC). The difference between the α2A- and α2B-AR subtypes, in this respect, was shown to be due to differences in the second intracellular loops of the receptor proteins. Substitution of the second loop in α2A-AR with the corresponding domain of α2B-AR enrolled the chimeric α2A/α2B receptor with functional α2B-AR properties. Dual Gi and Gs coupling can have different co...
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