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The present thesis “Who the fuck is Johnny?” analyzes the “Kunstfigur” (artificial character) Johnny created by the Viennese performance artist Barbara Kraus. Johnny, who was developed and incarnated by the artist for a performance in 1999, since then has become a phenomenon, which is approached for the first time in this paper. Starting from the performance Wer Will Kann Kommen in 1999, the character of Johnny is located within and related to the artistic work of Barbara Kraus. The analysis of Johnny focuses on the definition as a “Kunstfigur” as well as the question of gender construction. In addition theories on gender performance by the philosopher Judith Butler and on identity performance by the theatre scientist Philipp Schulte are applied. The character of Johnny is positioned as ‘male construction’ and his male features creat...
Interview with printer Johnny Cox. The interview includes Cox's personal experiences about attending the Texas International Pop Festival in Lewisville, Texas, enrolling in Texas Tech University, and playing in bands while at Texas Tech. Cox talks about generational conflicts with his parents, taking guitar lessons as a teenager, the appeal of the Beatles and their music, his high school friends and activities, changing clothing styles in the Sixties, meeting his first wife, his opposition to the Vietnam War, his decision to attend the Texas International Pop Festival, drug use at the festival, his first personal use of LSD, how LSD put the music in a different perspective for him, the "free stage," and the Texas International Pop Festival as a turning point in his life. He also comments on Janis Joplin's performance, Canned Heat and B...
This graduation thesis is carried out for the company Johnny Loco. They started the brand Johnny Loco 5 years ago. The inspiration to start this brand came from the brand management strategy developed by Rijkenberg (1998). The brand Johnny Loco can be seen as a lifestyle brand that communicates a philosophy. Rijkenberg (1998) assumes that this philosophy will attract consumers who feel attracted to this philosophy. Johnny Loco started the brand with the development of bicycles. Nowadays they have extended the brand portfolio by sunglasses and bags and are developing an electric moped. The assignment of this graduation project is to develop a launch strategy of the Johnny Loco E-scooter that fit the brand philosophy. Therefore, the brand philosophy is analyzed internally and externally and the e-moped market is analyzed. These results ...
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This is an Afrikaans interview with Sewes van Wyk and Johnny Strydom. The interview concerns their involvement in SANAP on SANAE in the 1960's. Strydom was land surveyor in 1965 and member of SANAE 6. Van Wyk was meteorologist in 1963 and leader in 1965. Van Wyk was member of SANAE 3 and 6. Transcript included.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia
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Interview with jazz pianist Johnny Case. In the interview, Case talks about his family's acquaintance with Ernest Tubb, his early interest in rhythm and blues, how his parents, Elvis Presley, and local radio stations influenced his musical career, learning to play the piano and his interest in jazz, early gigs in Oklahoma and northeast Texas, his family's move from Paris, Texas to Dallas and his playing gigs at several clubs there, moving to Fort Worth, his collaboration with Tom Morrell in producing the 'How the West Was Swung' albums, his comments about the demise of western swings, gigs and clubs in Fort Worth, his transition from playing western swing to jazz, various jazz artists, okaying for African-American audiences, avant-garde jazz and its promoters, difficulties in making a full-time living as a jazz artist in Fort Worth, hi...
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