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Die Zielsetzung dieser Diplomarbeit ist es, einen Überblick über die wichtigsten kommunikationstechnischen Medien zu geben. Darüber hinaus werden die Kommunikation im Internet und insbesondere die Chat-Kommunikation untersucht.
A presente monografia trata dos direitos de personalidade frente à internet, principalmente nas violações dos direitos à imagem e à privacidade. Inicia com um estudo sobre os aspectos gerais dos direitos de personalidade. Nesse ponto, traça-se a evolução histórica da tutela da personalidade humana, das hibrys e das actio iniurarium, passando pelo fracionamento dos direitos de personalidade, pela noção dos direitos de personalidade públicos e privados, até finalmente falar sobre as Constituições modernas e suas cláusulas gerais de proteção da personalidade humana. Analisa ainda os conceitos, natureza jurídica, características, classificações e tutela dos direitos de personalidade. Examina a evolução histórica, os conceitos e a tutela dos direitos de personalidade específicos à imagem e à privacidade. Finalmente, trata do fenómeno da int...
Comment: 20 pages and 17 figures
Software cross-licensing on the internet has very diferent characteristics in comparison to hardware interconnection. The basic aim of this study is to highlight a few aspects of software licensing arrangements. The analytical approach developed here can explain the observed patterns of content of different websites as well as the mergers, reorganization and shakeout that the .com companies are currently experiencing.
Internet art is ephemeral by nature and several initiatives have been taken to preserve it for the future. Apart from formal archives holding art of this kind, there are also artworks which exist outside these web based institutions. In what way can they be regarded as archived? In the article, criteria are suggested which can be used to judge whether an artwork is active or archived and these criteria are applied in the analysis of twelve different artworks. Different kinds of dating are important for how the status of a work is perceived by the visitor. The concepts of explicit and implicit archiving are used to characterize archiving of Internet art, where works can be "dead" and "alive" at the same time.
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The structure of the Internet at the Autonomous System (AS) level has been studied by both the Physics and Computer Science communities. We extend this work to include features of the core and the periphery, taking a radial perspective on AS network structure. New methods for plotting AS data are described, and they are used to analyze data sets that have been extended to contain edges missing from earlier collections. In particular, the average distance from one vertex to the rest of the network is used as the baseline metric for investigating radial structure. Common vertex-specific quantities are plotted against this metric to reveal distinctive characteristics of central and peripheral vertices. Two data sets are analyzed using these measures as well as two common generative models (Barabasi-Albert and Inet). We find a clear dist...
Today’s Internet achieves end-to-end connectivity through bilateral contracts between neighboring networks; unfortunately, this “one size fits all” connectivity results in less efficient paths, unsold capacity and unmet demand, and sometimes catastrophic market failures that result in global disconnectivity. This paper presents the design and evaluation of MINT, a Market for Internet Transit. MINT is a connectivity market and corresponding set of protocols that allows ISPs to offer path segments on an open market. Edge networks bid for end-to-end paths, and a mediator matches bids for paths to collections of path segments that form end-to-end paths. MINT can be deployed using protocols that are present in today’s routers, and it operates in parallel with the existing routing infrastructure and connectivity market. We present MINT’s mar...
Internet va néixer a mitja dècada deis anys setanta com a resultat de l'interès del Departament de Defensa deis Estats Units per interconnectar diverses xarxes per mitja de satèl·lit i radio. Es buscava mantenir una xarxa d'informació sobre investigació militar. La xarxa va ser connectada inicialment a quatre institucions acadèmiques' amb el propòsit de facilitar els treballs de recerca que estaven realitzant per al Departament de Defensa. De mica en mica aquesta xarxa es va estendre a d'altres centres universitaris i va esdevenir un sistema de comunicació i d'intercanvi d'informació entre investigadors.
Media and affect are an essential part of our daily life. Not surprisingly the have a connection to each other. While consuming media we usually get affected by certain emotions, may it be sadness or happiness. This thesis focuses upon a positive affect, which is mostly shown through laughter. Laughter is usually a reaction to comedy or humour, and it is similarly evident in people’s response to the media. In order to discuss laughter as a result of the media, it is first necessary to define comedy and its component parts. Theories on this topic go back to ancient times. This shows not only a continued interest but is also leads to varying theories and analyses surrounding it. Visual and oral comedy, are the main elements, within which the media works. In these you can find characteristics like repetition, astonishment or confusion. A...
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