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Un resumen de las direcciones de Internet más importantes donde podemos extraer datos para hacer futuros análisis, para obtener más información sobre diferentes procedimientos con temas estadísticos, etc.
Comment: Supplemental information for "Emergence of Tempered Preferential Attachment From Optimization", to appear (open access) PNAS USA, 2007
We present the first complete measurement of the Chinese Internet topology at the autonomous systems (AS) level based on traceroute data probed from servers of major ISPs in mainland China. We show that both the Chinese Internet AS graph and the global Internet AS graph can be accurately reproduced by the Positive-Feedback Preference (PFP) model with the same parameters. This result suggests that the Chinese Internet preserves well the topological characteristics of the global Internet. This is the first demonstration of the Internet's topological fractality, or self-similarity, performed at the level of topology evolution modeling.
Current macroscopic Internet topology discovery projects use large numbers of vantage points to conduct traceroute surveys of Internet paths. These projects send billions of unsolicited packets to millions of routers within the Internet. Due to the structure of the Internet, many of these packets are sent without gaining any new topology information. In this thesis, we implement and extensively test a largescale doubletree system designed to increase the efficiency of topology mapping projects and reduce the load that they place on the Internet. Also, for all of the effort that current projects put into gathering data, the methods used do not discover, with confidence, the entire set of paths. We propose, implement and critique a novel algorithm, economical MDA traceroute, which is designed to discover a comprehensive topology in a man...
Analogous to the real world, sources of malicious activities on the Internet tend to be concentrated in certain networks instead of being evenly distributed. In this article, we formally define and frame such areas as Internet Bad Neighborhoods. By extending the reputation of malicious IP addresses to their neighbors, the bad neighborhood approach ultimately enables attack prediction from unforeseen addresses. We investigate spam and phishing bad neighborhoods, and show how their underlying business models, counter-intuitively, impacts the location of the neighborhoods (both geographically and in the IP addressing space). We also show how bad neighborhoods are highly concentrated at few Internet Service Providers and discuss how our findings can be employed to improve current network and spam filters and incentivize botnet mitigation i...
Liefveld, Laura Impulssiostamiseen vaikuttavat tekijät Internet-ostoympäristössä Jyväskylä: Jyväskylän yliopisto, 2010, 39s. Tietojärjestelmätiede, kandidaatintutkielma Ohjaaja: Salo, Markus Tämän tutkielman tarkoituksena on tarkastella, mitä impulssiostamisella tarkoitetaan, mitkä tekijät erottavat verkkokaupan ja Internetin ostoympäristönä perinteisestä kauppapaikasta sekä mitkä eri ostoympäristön ulkoiset tekijät vaikuttavat kuluttajien impulssiostamiseen Internet-ostoympäristössä. Impulssiostamista perinteisessä ostoympäristössä on tutkittu jo useiden vuosikymmenien ajan, jonka aikana näkökulmat ilmiön tutkimiseen ovat vaihdelleet sen ymmärtämisestä ja tarkemmasta määrittelystä siihen vaikuttavien tekijöiden tunnistamiseen. Impulssiostamisen käsitteellinen määrittely on eri tutkijoiden kesken vieläkin hieman epäselvä, mutta tiivist...
La normalización es un proceso necesario que afecta a un gran número de ámbitos del pensamiento, la gestión, la ciencia y la técnica. La aprobación de estándares comunes posibilita que los procedimientos se puedan realizar de igual forma en distintos países y zonas, con las posibilidades de entendimiento ycooperación que ello supone. Por lo general, las organizaciones responsables de la normalización suelenser agencias nacionales, ya sean estatales o entidades en las que se ha delegado esa potestad; no obstante, existe un gran número de asociaciones especializadas en un sector y de federaciones que agrupan a organismos nacionales o regionales. En el artículo se ha pretendido ofrecer una panorámica global de la presencia de dichas instituciones en Internet, comentando la información que alojan en sus servidores.
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