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Musical and Artistic Use of New Technologies Exemplifying the Composers Ludger Brümmer, Paulo Ferreira Lopes and Kiyoshi Furukawa The dissertation aimed to receive knowledge about a) how composers currently use electronic and digital technology, b) which aesthetic these kinds of compositions pre-sent and c) in which way we can specify characteristics of electronic composition. It focussed on the composers Ludger Brümmer, Paulo Ferreira Lopes and Kiyoshi Furukawa and analyzed – starting from their verbal comments – how their aesthetics are reflected in their compositions. The composer Ludger Brümmer’s use of new technologies is based on his request to establish computer music as a new musical genre. He develops techniques of sound synthesis depending on physical laws. In his composition ->Thrill<- (1998) e.g. he configures the tracks ...
Recensão da obra Homenagem a David Mourão-Ferreira. Colóquio comemorativo da passagem do 10º aniversário da sua morte. Porto: Edições Fernando Pessoa.
The present study explores David Mourão-Ferreira’s theory of the short story, such as it was formulated in the “decalogue” included in the preface to Os Amantes e Outros Contos. Therefore, we take a look at part of the author’s critical and literary work. Keywords: David Mourão-Ferreira, short story theory; “decalogue”.
Abstract Middle/late Devonian and early Carboniferous metasedimentary sequences in the northernmost region (Porto-Espinho-Tomar) of the Ossa-Morena Zone (Portuguese Iberian Variscan Massif) contain black shales of very low to low-grade metamorphism. These metasedimentary rocks form a discrete NNW-SSE structure within a major shear zone (Porto-Tomar-Ferreira do Alentejo) and remain subparallel to the observed regional major structures (folding, thrusts or overthrusts). These black shales are overhanged and then imbricated in an upper Proterozoic metamorphic substratum. A multi-disciplinary study of these metasedimentary rocks from the Espinho-Tomar region has tectonostratigraphy, palynology, organic petrology and clay mineralogy combined methods. This approach provides new insights into the tectonic evolution and geological framework of...
Vergílio Ferreira’s fiction often encompasses dog’s humanization, either turning it into one of us or endowing it with a remarkable inclination for human intercourse that man himself appears to have lost. That’s why we have thought it compelling to look into a few canine exemplars, as they have been depicted in the author’s fiction: Mondego (Aparição), Matraca (Para Sempre), Médor (Alegria Breve) and Teseu (Signo Sinal). Keywords: fable, dog’s humanization / man’s animalization, dialogue, God’s death.
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