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This presentation discusses the Digital Commons resource. It was delivered to UNL Libraries staff on May 9th, 2005.
The fundamental methodology of design is based on the ability to imagine "what could be" - a subjective position based on the "suspension of disbeleif". The basic premise of digital tools, parametric design, and at the core logic, is fundamentally objective. How do designers negotiate the gap between these two sides of thier profession, and how is emerging technology affecting thier ability to be both objective and subjectively creative in the digital age.
Digital natives, the generation grown up surrounded by digital technology and the Internet, are tomorrow’s stakeholders and will affect organizations and their environments greatly. It is vital for organizations to get to know the new stakeholders and acknowledge their needs and expectations. At the same time the importance of a good reputation has increased. The new media has empowered consumers in a new way as sharing one’s opinion and emotions is just a few clicks away. To manage their consumer relations, organizations need to take a new, more involving and a dialogue-based approach. The study suggests engaging the digital native consumers is a vital asset for organizations to manage their reputation and thus, survive. The aim of the research was to map the relationship of the Finnish digital natives with media and the motivational...
Die kommunikationstechnologische Revolution, insbesondere das Internet, hat unsere Gesellschaft grundlegend verändert. Die vorliegende Arbeit verfolgt das Ziel, diese Veränderungen im Rahmen der Theorie der Netzwerkgesellschaft nach dem Soziologen Manuel Castells (2001) aufzuzeigen. Dabei geht es darum, den Problemen nachzugehen, die durch die ungleiche Verteilung der Zugänge zu den neuen Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien, sprich dem Digital Divide, entstehen. In einem ersten Schritt werden das Netzwerk als gesellschaftliches Steuerungsprinzip und dessen Auswirkungen auf die Bereiche (Medien)Wirtschaft und (Medien)Politik beschrieben. In einem zweiten Moment wird das Phänomen Digital Divide theoretisiert. Besondere Aufmerksamkeit gilt dabei einer differenzierten Betrachtung des Begriffs „(Medien)Zugang“. Es folgt eine empiri...
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Healthcare environments are very demanding, because practitioners are required to consult many patients in a short period of time, increasing the levels of stress which usually harms the outcome of healthcare processes. The short time practitioners have with their patients does not facilitate informed decision making and checking all possibilities. A possible solution is the use of guideline-based applications, because they have the potential of being an effective means of both changing the process of healthcare and improving its outcomes. However, current Clinical Guidelines are available in text format as long documents, which render them difficult to consult and to integrate in clinical Decision Support Systems. With this paper we present a new model for guideline interpretation, in order to facilitate de development of guide...
Esta dissertação enquadra-se na necessidade crescente da sociedade em “orientar” as relações pessoais e interpessoais na ligação laboral, académica e pessoal. Desde os primórdios da sua existência que o ser humano avalia e é avaliado. A existência de um instrumento digital que, na sua génese é, uma mais-valia nessa difícil e árdua tarefa que é o processo avaliativo e que registe as análises e a documentação do trabalho desenvolvido é a “questão” do portefólio digital (e-portefólio). Na aurora das TIC imergiram inúmeras plataformas relacionadas com o ensino/aprendizagem e a socialização. A observação de ferramentas assessoradas na estrutura de portefólio permite a contextualização e o enquadramento do portefólio digital (e-portefólio). A análise do existente sobre a temática, a sua aplicabilidade e as experiências complementadas com o e...
This document provides an introduction to digital sociology. It includes discussion on using digital and social media for sociological research and for academic professional practice.
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