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Digital holographic microscopy (DHM) is an interferometric technique that allows real-time imaging of the entire complex optical wavefront (amplitude and phase) reflected by or transmitted through a sample. To our knowledge, only the quantitative phase is exploited to measure topography, assuming homogeneous material sample and a single reflection on the surface of the sample. In this paper, dual-wavelength DHM measurements are interpreted using a model of reflected wave propagation through a three-interfaces specimen (2 layers deposited on a semi-infinite layer), to measure simultaneously topography, layer thicknesses and refractive indices of micro- structures. We demonstrate this DHM reflectometry technique by comparing DHM and profilometer measurement of home-made SiO2/Si targets and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)...
A infografia é utilizada cada vez mais no nosso dia a dia. Tendo se tornado cada vez mais digital e interativa, é importante perceber como é que ela surgiu e como evoluiu ao longo da história. A alteração das necessidades do ser humano e a evolução da tecnologia estão intimamente relacionados com a evolução da infografia, à sua adaptação e forma de construção. Os infografistas adaptaram-se a esta nova realidade e às necessidades do leitor. É fundamental conhecer a teoria por trás da infografia, os autores que defendem diferentes ideias e opiniões, as várias tipologias apresentadas pelos mesmos, e, tão importante como ela, o contacto direto com a prática, o conseguir transmitir a informação de uma forma clara e objetiva.
This presentation discusses the digital infrastructure of the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries. It gives a timeline of the UNT Libraries' digital projects with examples.
The work is a bibliography of digital scholarship containing citations of articles, books, and technical reports on institutional repositories and scholarly electronic publishing
I believe that the concept of the absurd, as described in philosophy and reflected in works of drama and literature, provides an unusual and helpful perspective from which to view the emerging field of digital media. In my opinion, absurd principles can help us understand the mixed feelings we may have when engaging with digital media: joy and frustration, play and despair, significance and nonsense. I intend to explore the concept of the absurd through a handful of authors and works, including the philosophy of Camus and the literature and drama of Pinter, Beckett, Roussel, and the Oulipo. I will use these works to analyze characteristics of absurdist works and then extend this analysis to characteristics and theory of digital media. I believe an absurdist analysis may bring a new vantage point to the study of digital media, from whi...
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Este tutorial sirve para conocer y manejar la hemeroteca digital del diario La Vanguardia.
Este tutorial sirve para conocer y manejar la hemeroteca digital impresa del diario Información.
Aquest tutorial servix per a conéixer i manejar l'hemeroteca digital impresa.
This presentation discusses the Digital Commons resource. It was delivered to UNL Libraries staff on May 9th, 2005.
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