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Actualmente estamos a substituir gradualmente os documentos físicos por documentos digitais. A constatação de que cada vez há mais informação apenas em suporte digital levanta uma série de preocupações relacionadas com a preservação de todo este manancial de informação. Não é de estranhar, portanto, que a Preservação Digital tenha emergido como uma área de investigação que tem adquirido cada vez mais importância. A principal preocupação de todos os que tentam contribuir para a área é como garantir uma maior longevidade ao material digital que é produzido diariamente. Por exemplo, material produzido está dependente de plataformas de hardware e software que normalmente se tornam obsoletos em 5 anos. O XML como formato neutro para a representação de informação surge naturalmente neste contexto. São já vários os dialectos XML produzidos e ...
The digital collection comprises over 5000 images from the ethnographic collection and 1500 images from the photographic collection with more being added as the project continues.  The ethnographic collection is made up of over 19,000 items including contemporary art and artefacts from Australia and the Pacific as well as Asia, Africa and the American continents. The Museum also holds over 8000 prints, negatives and slides from the early and mid-twentieth century and includes fieldwork archives and mission photography acquired from various donors, vendors, collectors and photographers. Also included here are early ethnographic items in the Museum’s collection. The collection is an important resource for, among other areas, family research, visual culture studies, histories of anthropology, native title research, c...
The emergence of computation in design is an ongoing evolution, rather than a technological revolution. Contemporary digital tools have influenced the image of architecture, as object, as shelter, and as icon – but digital design has yet to change our understanding of architecture, or alter its larger impact on the built world around us. Although design tools, including computation, and digital production are now well intertwined in architectural methodology, additional innovations are emerging which have potential to bring the true value of computation into design methods. If these tools are widely implemented there is potential for this digital evolution to become a technological revolution in architecture.
This presentation discusses collaborative digital repository opportunities. The presentation offers questions and considerations as well as managing digital collections.
The software technologies used to create web interfaces for digital libraries are discussed using examples from Greenstone 3.
This tutorial is to help you get to know and how to use the digital archive of the newspaper Diario Información.
This tutorial is to help you get to know and how to use the digital archive of the newspaper La Vanguardia.
As interactors we often allude to a sense of presence, of being there, when experiencing interactive artifacts. Digital technologies can create a sense of presence within a synthetic environment, that of being in a technologically mediated space. As a result, ideas of space and place are fundamental to the use of digital media. Related metaphors pervade our language and use of technology; we explore virtual worlds, surf online, and chat in rooms. The field of humanist geography can be used to examine digital media practice across several domains. Exploring the concept of place in relationship to a video game, website, or mixed reality environments question contemporary definitions of presence. As a result, a theoretical foundation for the design of artifacts may create a strong sense of place, and thus enhance our understanding of pr...
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