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aceleração tecnológica tende a reduzir cada vez mais o espaço e o tempo dos processos que herdámos da história.” Emerge, deste modo, uma nova plasticidade da experiência, como se todas as diferenças se tornassem numa diferença de grau, num continuum criado pela codificação digital”9. Inserir um travelling panorâmico nesta hipotética narrativa, significa questionar convivências, padrões sociais, assim como toda a tecnologia inerente que “tende a tornar-se num imenso automatismo de repetição, cujo perigo está em dispensar o próprio humano, que pôs em movimento esta estrutura”10. Este estudo procura identificar alguns destes perigos, assim como o contexto artístico emergente. Importa também considerar um dos artistas nativo da produção nacional, como se de um plano de pormenor se tratasse, não descorando elementos do contexto internaciona...
This presentation was given at The Library in Bits and Bytes: Digital Library Symposium, held at the University of Maryland on 29 September 2005.
Poster presented at the 2013 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries. This poster discusses open source software tools coded with AutoHotkey that the UNT digital libraries group has developed for digital curation during the pre-ingest stage of the digital resource lifecycle.
This presentation discusses the University of North Texas (UNT) Digital Library Program and possible solutions for sudden growth in digital content.
Digital geometry is the geometry of digital images. Compared to Euclid’s geometry, which has been studied for more than two thousand years, this field is very young. Efim Khalimsky’s topology on the integers, invented in the 1970s, is a digital counterpart of the Euclidean topology on the real line. The Khalimsky topology became widely known to researchers in digital geometry and computer imagery during the early 1990s. Suppose that a continuous function is defined on a subspace of an n-dimensional Khalimsky space. One question to ask is whether this function can be extended to a continuous function defined on the whole space. We solve this problem. A related problem is to characterize the subspaces on which every continuous function can be extended. Also this problem is solved. We generalize and solve the extension problem for integer...
This article focuses on the generational gaps in school learning. Initially, we have tried to provide the framework in relation to the term digital native in order to understand the key aspects of the generation born after the advent and the global use of the Internet. They were found to be “multitasking” people, linked to technology and connectivity, as opposed to digital immigrants, born in an earlier period and seeking to adapt to the technological world. We also present some reflections on the use of these students’ strategic capabilities in recreational tasks. We will also discuss the changes occurring in these new students who, thanks to technology and information resources, have made the school institution adapt to them. These changes have also made teachers alter traditional teaching and encouraged them to modify their methods ...
This paper presents the findings of a user survey, promoted and financed by the Digital Renaissance Foundation in Italy. Digital resources and the Web are continuing to offer many opportunities to improve the access to information but how are libraries changing their internal organisation and diversifying their services? What are users’ priorities and perceptions of digital library services? Selection criteria for digital collections, digital libraries management, co-operation experiences and issues, together with uses and users are described critically. In conclusion, obstacles to the development of digital libraries in Italy are evidenced.
This class serves as an introductory subject in advanced computing, rapid prototyping, and CAD/CAM fabrication for architects. It focuses on the relationship between design and various forms of computer modeling as input, and CAD/CAM tools as output material. It presents the process of design and construction using CAD files introduced by the office of Gehry Partners during the construction of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. It is taught in phases starting with rapid prototyping and ending with digital mockups of building components fabricated from CAD files on a one-to-one scale.
Print materials can survive for centuries and even millennia without direct intervention. In contrast, digital materials may need active management and preservation in order to survive even a decade.
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