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Se analiza la autentificación de los documentos electrónicos por medio de la firma digital.
Gouveia, L. (2013). Mobilidade Digital. Debate do tema Mobilidade. Debate no âmbito da candidatura independente ao município de Vila Nova de Gaia. 25 de Julho. Vila Nova de Gaia.
Owen, Terry. “Digital Repositories.”Guest lecture, LBSC 650 Information Access, University of Maryland College of Information Studies, College Park, MD, May 10 and December 6, 2007.
Based on the large volume of digital information and the heterogeneity in the production, media, and devices that facilitate access, the article highlights some of the problems of digital information as well as the main initiatives that seek to address the problem of preservation.
The Digital Doorway is a joint initiative between the Meraka Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and South Africa’s Department of Science and Technology (DST), with a vision of making a fundamental difference to computer literacy and associated skills in the South African population. Underpinning the project is the idea of people’s inherent cognitive ability to teach themselves computer skills with minimal external intervention. For this to happen, computers must be easily accessible to potential learners in an environment conducive to experimentation. Given the low percentage of communities in disadvantaged areas in South Africa with access to computer infrastructure, Digital Doorways are installed in communities where the need is greatest. The systems are extremely robust and employ open source con...
This master thesis deals with the issue of digital piracy of music and film in the internet from a broad perspective. This includes the social, technical, legal and economic perspective with a focus on the latter. The emphasis of the chapter dealing with social issue lies on the reasons for illegitimate download of copyrighted material and the establishment of this behaviour as a worldwide phenomenon. The technical perspective not only delivers an insight into DRM (digital rights management) systems, but also looks into systems which are used to pirate in the first place. When dealing with a topic about rightful and unlawful behaviour then it is inevitable to look into laws and policies regulating these issues. This will be done in the chapter dealing with the legal perspective. The main focus of this work lies with the economic pers...
National Archives and Records Administration (US) under NSF cooperative agreement 0523307 through a supplement to SCI 0438741 and the NSF grant ITR 0427196.
Digital Repositories offer a convenient infrastructure through which to store, manage, re-use and curate digital materials. They are used by a variety of communities, may carry out many different functions, and can take many forms. The meaning of the term 'digital repository' is widely debated. Contemporary understanding has broadened from an initial focus on software systems to a wider and overall commitment to the stewardship of digital materials; this requires not just software and hardware, but also policies, processes, services, and people, as well as content and metadata. Repositories must be sustainable, trusted, well-supported and well-managed in order to function properly.
Preserving Digital Materials Kapena Shim, Master’s Candidate, Library & Information Science, UH Mānoa What are digital materials? Digital copies of digitized materials; Born digital files; Digital records of Institutions; Examples include text-based files, image-based files, sound-based files; web-page based files. What are the preservation issues? Technology Obsolescence: Machine dependency to be read; Rapid changes in technology outdates pre-existing machines & software resulting in unreadable files. Physical Deterioration: Fragility of media; Damages & corrupts easily from exposure to heat, humidity, airborne containments, faulty reading and writing devices. Legal Issues: intellectual property rights (IPR); Refreshing, emulating, migrating can infringe IPR unless permitted by copyright holder or law. Preservation Precautions: St...
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