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Urban Transport Vehicle Service is a low-end manifestation of a more general idea of integrating public and personal transport as a more sustainable way of mobility. The aim of UTVS is to make this integral system more efficient in door to door journeys compared to the private car use as a typical less sustainable choice. This report describes the interior design of this vehicle.
Collaborative design has been emerging in building projects everywhere. The more complex a building project becomes, the closer and more intensive collaboration between the design actors is required. This research focuses on collaborative design in the conceptual architecture design phase, especially during the elaboration of the masterplan and the development of the preliminary building designs. This research is descriptive and has two aims. First, it aims at describing the characteristics and difficulties of collaborative design and the challenges for design management. Second, it aims at presenting a concept for managing collaborative design. A description of the collaborative design will provide an insight into the current practice. A concept for managing collaborative design will be helpful for professionals in improving ways of m...
This paper aims to explore, examine and evaluate the process of building teaching capacity, particularly for those entry-level design studio tutors who did not teach before. The initial hypothesis is that to teach freshman designing requires unique skills, and these skills are unlike those needed for guiding upperlevel design studios. For a novice tutor to learn these skills reveals a special process that is composed of learning and teaching simultaneously. By reviewing relevant literature and reflecting on personal experience, the authors adopt a holistic approach rather than linear analytic deduction. Through this strategy, the paper represents a first step towards a more articulate understanding of what characterizes the process of learning design teaching.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 107-111).
Includes bibliographical references (p. 59-63).
The DYNAMO project is concerned with the assembly of components of interactive systems. It includes a design method, described in this guidebook, and a set of tools that support it. The DYNAMO design method starts with a declarative model of the assembly expressed using a graphical UML CASE tool. From the declarative model, DYNAMO tools automatically generate C++ wrapper classes that glue the components together. The DYNAMO design method comprises three-phases that refine a conceptual model of a proposed assembly into interrelated components organized into layered mode components. In Phase 0, the environment in which the assembly executes is described in terms of external actors, the assembly itself, the communication among them, and the behavioral properties that the assembly guarantees to maintain. Phase 1 asks the designer to partit...
We propose a view of strategizing as a playful design practice and illustrate this view by describing a process for fostering effective strategic play. We outline the benefits of the process and address how executives can play effectively. Strategizing through playful design is a useful complement to conventional strategic planning processes and helps to open up and orient fruitful debate about an organization’s particular strategic challenges.
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