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In my thesis, I am analyzing information design via the connection between information and design and then I am focusing on web design. By examining important and acknowledge studies on this field, I am trying to collect the most important features of successful web design and demonstrating it via an existing web site.
Building an interactive application requires, amongst other activities, the design of both a data model and a user interface. These two designs are often done separately, frequently by different individuals or groups. However, there are strong similarities between the objects, actions and attributes of the data model and those of the user interface. This means that considerable specification work has to be done twice. Our approach is to automatically generate user interface elements directly from the data model. This saves time and effort and at the same time style rules can be applied automatically to the design of the user interface. This relieves the designer of the need to be familiar with certain style rules, while at the same time creating the consistency embodied in the rules.
Design Fabrication is an introductory course in the field of advanced computing, prototyping and building fabrication. The class is focused on the relationship between design, various forms of computer modeling both explicit and generative and the physical representation of information using rapid prototyping devices.
Fortement médiatisée dès le début des années 1990, la crise du logement à laquelle est confronté le New Labour lorsqu'il accède au pouvoir en 1997 propulse une nouvelle fois l'agenda urbain sur le devant de la scène politique britannique. La construction de plus de 4 millions de logements est alors jugée nécessaire pour répondre à la demande latente, et les grandes villes continuent de se vider au profit des suburbs. C'est dans ce climat que Tony Blair nomme l'architecte Richard Rogers à la tête de l'Urban Task Force, chargée d'esquisser les futures politiques urbaines du pays. Publié en 1999, son rapport /1 est explicite : c'est grâce à l'urban design que le pays rendra à ses villes leur attractivité. Si le gouvernement accorde tant d'importance à ce critère, c'est que les projets des trente dernières années reflètent davantage une te...
The Community Design Guidelines are grouped into three categories; Portland Personality, Pedestrian Emphasis and Project Design. Each guideline is accompanied by: background information, which explains the intent of the guideline; and some examples of ways the guideline may be accomplished. These examples are provided to stimulate the search for a good design, and are not recommended solutions. The examples may also include illustrations of different building types, locations and scales. [From the document]
The Design Guidelines provide a framework within which to review projects in downtown, aiding designers and developers in understanding the Cityâ s urban design expectations. The guidelines ensure a degree of order, harmony and quality within the built environment; they allow the development of buildings and projects that are attractive individually yet contribute to a downtown that is unified and distinctive as a whole. [From the document]
In many service design projects, co-design is seen as critical to success and a range of benefits are attributed to co-design. In this paper, we present an overview of benefits of co-design in service design projects, in order to help the people involved to articulate more precisely and realistically which benefits to aim for. Based on a literature review and a discussion of three service design projects, we identified three types of benefits: for the service design project; for the service’s customers or users; and for the organization(s) involved. These benefits are related to improving the creative process, the service, project management, or longer-term effects. We propose that the people involved in co-design first identify the goals of the service design project and then align their co-design activities, and the associated benefi...
Includes bibliographical references (leaves 58-61).
Design-Bodil - Lunds universitet Det är inte produkten som är det viktiga med design. Det säger Bodil Jönsson som är professor i rehabiliteringsteknik vid Lunds universitet. Hon berättar om sina tankar om vad design är för något, med anledning av Designåret 2005. VL16 Reporter: Johan Nyman Fotograf: Anders Lundblad Redigering: Anders Lundblad
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