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Ideological beliefs have long attracted the attention of social psychologists, who have investigated their genesis as well as their influence on a host of social phenomena. Conservatism, from the Motivated Social Cognition framework, stems from epistemic and existential needs of the individual, and notably the fear of death. However, Terror Management Theory proposes a view of conservatism and its contrary, liberalism, as equivalent cultural worldviews, equally fit to fulfill such needs. In the present contribution, results are presented from five studies, which test the contrasting hypotheses derived from these two perspectives. A new perspective is considered that accounts for these and previous findings.
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Binder's title: Cleveland medical thesis, 1868-1869, v. 32.
Thesis--Cleveland Medical College, 1850.
Death To A Downbeat : Main Character: Danny Boyd
Death To A Downbeat : Main Character: Danny Boyd
Death Of A Doll (later “The Ever-Loving Blues”) ; Main Character: Danny Boyd
The Dance Of Death : Main Character: Al Wheeler ; Main Series no. 117, September 1964
The Dance Of Death : Main Character: Al Wheeler ; International Edition IE51, July 1966 cover - Grant Roberts
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