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In this paper we analyse the interaction mechanisms provided by Web Services technology and by CORBA. Specifically we analyse the request/response, callback, polling and (multicasr) message passing mechanisms. As a result we present Coloured Petri Nets that capture the behaviour of these mechanisms precisely. Based on our analysis we define concepts for representing the Web Services and CORBA interactions in a suitable and platform independent manner. These concepts can be used for platfonn independent design of distributed applications, while they (provably) maintain the consistency with platform specific implementations. Because their behaviour is defined by Petri Nets, the concepts also support simulation, validation and verification of designs. We also evaluate the suitability of Urn's concepts for representing the mechanisms and t...
Certification is a key element in marketing organic food products. Based on economic theory, this report wants to illustrate the economic reasoning for certification. The intention is to provide a description of economic concepts, which is understandable for a wider audience. We are focusing on the basic economic literature. Chapter 1 “Organic certification system” describes the current control system in the European Union. Why this is necessary, will then be explained based on a synopsis of economic literature. Of specific significance for organic certification and the CERTCOST project are the concepts of institutional economics and economics of crime. The relevant points of economic theory will be presented and discussed in chapter 2 “Theoretical framework”. Finally, the costs and benefits of organic certification will be illustrated...
Market prices are well known to efficiently collect and aggregate diverse information regarding the value of commodities and assets. The role of markets has been particularly suitable to pricing financial securities. This article provides an alternative application of the pricing mechanism to marketing research - using pseudo-securities markets to measure preferences over new product concepts. Surveys, focus groups, concept tests and conjoint studies are methods traditionally used to measure individual and aggregate preferences. Unfortunately, these methods can be biased, costly and time-consuming to conduct. The present research is motivated by the desire to efficiently measure preferences and more accurately predict new product success, based on the efficiency and incentive-compatibility of security trading markets. The article descr...
Das Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es die Möglichkeiten des Einsatzes photonischer Konzepte für PV Systeme zu untersuchen. Diese Konzepte zielen hin auf eine verbesserte Ausnutzung solarer Photonen durch eine Vergrößerung des Anteils absorbeirter Photonen oder durch eine Verringerung der Photonen, welche das PV System wieder verlassen. Um diese Funktionen zu erreichen, welche unter dem Befriff "light trapping" zusammengefasst werden können, wurden verschiedene photonische STrukturen untersucht. Die Gemeinsamkeit der untersuchten Strukturen liegt in einer typischen Längenskala. Die typpische Strukturgröße ist vergleichbar der Wellenlänge des betrachteten Lichtes. Eine Konsequenz der Ähnlichkeit dieser Größenordnungen ist, dass die Effekte, welche von den Strukturen induziert werden, auf Interferenz basieren. In dieser Arbeit habe ich mich auf d...
Gödel on concepts
Reusable nuclear shuttle concepts, performance and design requirements
Manned spacecraft design concepts covering elements in space vehicle system, interrelation of systems and design management
Manned space station optimal thermal control design, investigating heat pipe and semipassive/ air cooled concepts
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