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1. 1. Dilute fish odours from four distinct char populations elicited differential responses from char olfactory bulb cells.2. 2. Differential sensory responses produced by odours from migratory and non-migratory populations of char suggest that fish odours could act as pheromones which help guide homing in these salmonids.3. 3. Skin mucous may well be the principal source of odorants released by the char.
Radionuclide method for determining Apollo heat shield char-front recession during reentry
Thermal cracking of phenolic-nylon pyrolysis products analyzed on passing through heated char
Nonequilibrium modeling of pyrolysis gas products flow through char layer of ablative heat shield
Heterogeneous reactions of molecular oxygen with thin film of carbonaceous char at low pressures
Ablative heat shield char layer, examining reacting nonequilibrium pyrolysis gas flow
Thermochemical data from simulated pyrolysis gas flow through ablating char layer
Decomposition characteristics of char-forming phenol formaldehyde polymer used for ablative composites
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