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Academic Chairs Are Not Trained For Their Leadership Role Necessary Ingredients For Academic Chair Training Sequence of Steps Necessary For Effective Academic Chair Training Advantages of the Proposed Model Appendix References Notes
Background: Individuals who cannot functionally reposition themselves adopt a passive body posture and suffer from physical discomfort in long-term sitting. To regulate body load and to prevent sitting related mobility problems, proper posture control is important. The inability to reposition underlines the importance for seating interventions that control body posture from automatic chair adjustments. We developed an adjustable simulator chair that allows the alignment of the trunk, pelvis and thighs to be controlled independently. This study describes the system for decoupled body segments adjustment and develops a predictive model that computes angular chair configuration for desired body postures. - Methods: Eighteen healthy male subjects participated in this study. The experiment involved a protocol of five trials, each investigat...
Executive Correspondence - Letter from Robert G. Jones, Chair, Virginia Beach Development Authority urging the committee to consider the testimony of Vice Chief of Naval Operations.
The sitting beach-chair position is regularly used for shoulder surgery and anesthesia may be induced in that position. We tested the hypothesis that the cardiovascular challenge induced by induction of anesthesia is attenuated if the patient is placed in a reclining beach-chair position. Anesthesia was induced with propofol in the sitting beach-chair (n = 15) or with the beach-chair tilted backwards to a reclining beach-chair position (n = 15). The last group was stepwise tilted to the sitting beach-chair position prior to surgery. Hypotension was treated with ephedrine. Continuous hemodynamic variables were recorded by photoplethysmography and frontal cerebral oxygenation (ScO2) by near infrared spectroscopy. Significant differences were only observed immediately after the induction when patients induced in a reclining beach-chair po...
Objective To test the effects of the use of a collapsible, portable chair (chair B), as opposed to a ‘standard’ chair (chair A), on the outcome of the timed “Up and Go” (TUG) test. Design Cross-sectional. Setting Multipurpose senior centres. Participants Mobile older persons (N=118, mean age 77 years (range 62–99 years)). Outcome measures Time to complete the timed “Up and Go” test using chair A and chair B, and inter-rater agreement in the time scores. Results Time taken to complete the TUG test did not differ by chair type [median (interquartile range, IQR) = 12.3 (9.53–15.9) and 12.6 (9.7–16.6)] seconds for Chair A and B respectively, p-value=0.87. In multiple regression analyses, factors that impacted on time difference in test performance for the two chairs were use of a walking aid during the test [Odds ratio (OR) = 3....
The cantilever chair is an iconic consumer product of the twentieth century and stands for a modern, progressive lifestyle. It is expensive, often used to furnish exclusive spaces and thereby the opposite of its original artistic vision from the late 1920s. By way of comparing historical prices and wages, this paper establishes that the cantilever chair was never a cheap mass commodity but almost immediately acquired an upmarket status with corresponding prices. This is accounted for by programmatic demands of the creative environment from which the chair originated, through the chair's legal status as artwork, consumer tastes, strategic marketing choices and ultimately institutions.
The purpose of this study was to examine quantitative and qualitative data about department chair perceptions of: (1) the reasons for implementing distance education, (2) the issues impacting the implementation of distance education, (3) the leadership strategies/approaches used to guide distance education implementation, and (4) the impact of institutional characteristics on the reasons, issues, and leadership strategies. These data contributed to an evolving understanding of the role of the department chair and the implementation of distance education courses and programs. The first section of the research addressed the “reasons for implementation” and the “issues impacting implementation.” The second section explored department chair leadership strategies and approaches. The analyses of the data revealed the following findings (N = ...
Avec l’émergence des nouveaux modes de production alternatifs, pour la plupart associés à la production dite de « qualité différenciée », plusieurs souches de poulets de chair sont éligibles en pratique en Région wallonne. Ces souches se distinguent suivant de nombreux critères dont la durée du cycle nécessaire pour produire une carcasse commercialisable. Or l’âge à l’abattage influencerait fortement les qualités sensorielles de la viande de poulet. Une question essentielle se pose dès lors : quelle influence une modification de l’âge à l’abattage du poulet de chair peut-elle avoir sur la perception de la qualité de la viande par le consommateur ?
A heated/cooled chair was evaluated for its effect on thermal sensation and comfort.  Thirty college students participated in 120 1.75-hour tests. Two heated/cooled chairs were placed in an environmental chamber which simulates an office environment. The chamber temperatures were set at 16, 18, 25 and 29 °C. During the tests the subjects had full control of the chair surface temperature through a knob located on the desk. An additional 64 tests with sixteen subjects were conducted at the same four temperatures but with regular mesh or cushion chairs in order to provide reference results for comparison.   Subjective responses about thermal sensation, comfort, and temperature satisfaction were obtained at 20 minute intervals and four times before, during, and after a break period. The chair’s energy consumption was monitored ...
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