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Des études précédentes ont montré qu’une carence en vitamine E prédispose à la myopathie du poulet de chair. L’effet d’un ajout de vitamine E dans la diète commerciale sur la dégénérescence des fibres musculaires de la poitrine et de la cuisse a été étudié chez les poulets de chair. Des poulets mâles ROSS 308 (n = 1100) ont été assignés de façon aléatoire à deux traitements alimentaires (aliment commercial + 25 à 50 mg de vitamine E surajouté par kg vs aliment commercial + 0 mg de vitamine E supplémentaire). Les poulets ont été répartis sur 10 parquets (cinq répétitions par traitement). Le poids corporel et la consommation d’aliment ont été mesurés hebdomadairement. Aux jours j28, j35, j42 et j49, du sang a été prélevé pour mesurer le niveau de vitamine E et l’activité de la créatine kinase (CK). Les muscles Pectoralis superficialis et...
Closure has a unique set of challenges and is one of the stages that is too often done badly (Ceran & Dorman, 1995). The preferred outcome is a project that provides the deliverables and is shut down in a controlled and progressive manner (PMI, 2004), leaving everyone content (Meredith & Mantel, 1995). In other words, the project should satisfy all the stakeholders: the client, project organisation, sub-contractors, and the team members. The problem is that the project can either grind on interminably consuming a steady trickle of resources, or terminate abruptly by providing only the basic deliverables and leaving loose ends all over. This paper describes the process of closure and presents various findings from the research literature.
A parametric shape grammar is given for the generation of Hepplewhite-style chair-back
Water from the cup filler of dental chair units (CFDC) was observed to contain sphingomonads, environmental mycobacteria and methylobacteria, among other minor bacteria. Some of the bacteria detected are recognized opportunistic pathogens. Some of these, tended to persist over time.
A heated/cooled chair was evaluated for its effect on thermal sensation and comfort. Twentythree college students participated in 69 2.25-hour tests. Two heated/cooled chairs were placed in an environmental chamber resembling an office environment. The chamber temperatures were set at 16°C, 18°C and 29°C. During the tests the subjects had full control of the chair power through a knob located on the chair. Data from a previous study conducted with sixteen subjects at the same three temperatures but with regular mesh or cushion chairs were used as reference results for comparison. Subjective responses about thermal sensation and comfort were obtained at 15-minute intervals. The results show that the heated/cooled chair strongly influences the subjects’ thermal sensation and improves ...
Acceleration during double rotation in a Barany chair for eliminating unsuitable applicants from flight and spaceflight duty is considered. Formulae accompany the text, as do illustrations, to indicate method and parameters. Effects of rotation on the semicircular canal and the vestibular apparatus in a rolling sensation was experienced by some subjects.
The 13 Human Research Program (HRP) Standing Review Panel (SRP) Chairs, and in some cases one or two additional panel members (see section XIV, roster) referred to as the Chair (+1) SRP throughout this document, met at the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) on December 7, 2010 to allow the HRP Elements and Projects to report on their progress over the past year, their current status, and their plans for the upcoming year based on NASA's current goals and objectives for human space exploration. A large focus of the meeting was also used to discuss integration across the HRP scientific disciplines based on a recommendation from the 2009 HRP SRP review. During the one-day meeting, each of the HRP Elements and Projects presented the changes they made to the HRP Integrated Research Plan (IRP Rev. B) over the last year, and what their top three...
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