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Part of the interior of the church is visible along with the chair of St. Peter and the sculpture and stained glass behind the throne.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 27).
This paper develops an Intelligent Chair Tool (ICT) - a new chair-type human and machine interaction seating system powered by 36 intelligent pneumatic actuators. This tool can be used to facilitate investigation of chair shapes from spring and damping effects of seating and backrest surfaces. Each actuator used consists of five extensive elements of encoder, laser strip rod, pressure sensor, valves and PSoC microcontroller incorporated in a single device. By using the ICT, different shapes, spring and damping characteristics can be obtained to aid the design of chairs from the control inputs, i.e., position x, stiffness k(s) and viscous coefficient c. Several control algorithms are presented to realize the communication and control system, and to obtain all data in real-time. The control methodology presented contains an inner force l...
Background: Prolonged sitting has been associated with musculoskeletal dysfunction. For desk workers, workstation modifications frequently address the work surface and chair. Chairs which can prevent abnormal strain of the neuromuscular system may aid in preventing musculo-skeletal pain and discomfort. Anecdotally, adjustability of the seat height and the seat pan depth to match the anthropometrics of the user is the most commonly recommended intervention. Within the constraints of the current economic climate, employers demand evidence for the benefits attributed to an investment in altering workstations, however this evidence-base is currently unclear both in terms of the strength of the evidence and the nature of the chair features. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the evidence for the effectiveness of chair interventions i...
Kwan MM, Lin S-I, Chen C-H, Close JC, Lord SR. Minimal chair height standing ability is independently associated with falls in Taiwanese older people. Objective: To determine whether a test of minimal chair height standing (MCHS) ability is an important predictor of fall risk in community-dwelling older people living in Taiwan, and whether poor performance in this test is associated with impaired sensorimotor functioning, balance, and mobility in this group. Design: Cross-sectional study. Setting: Community based. Participants: Community-dwelling participants (N=280; mean age, 74.9y). Interventions: Not applicable. Main Outcome Measures: The MCHS test, which measures the lowest height from which a participant can stand; the Physiological Profile Assessment (PPA); and a range of functional balance and mobility tests. Results: In t...
Fondée sur une analyse de la série photographique « Closed Contacts » de l'artiste anglaise Jenny Saville, cette étude cherche à soulever l'ambiguïté suscitée par la mise en image de la chair. Elle est menée selon une approche analytique double : une approche sémantique des images d'une part et une approche phénoménologique du regard qu'elles suscitent d'autre part.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia
Photograph of Billie Wolfe sitting in a chair holding a musical record.
Photograph of a little boy posing for a photograph on a striped chair. He is wearing a strip long sleeve shirt and overalls.
Many layers of handmade papers create depth along with the horizontal frames and cloud formations in the sky. In the center of the artwork are two collaged depictions of a red beach chair.
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