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The goal of this study is to create a method for designers to reconcile the critical functional and aesthetic requirements in chair design. This paper presents a brief history of the design of chairs, an overview of historical types of proportional systems, a discussion of anthropometry and the technical requirements of chair design. The body of the study involves the affects of the application of anthropometric measurement to the proportions of two Modernist chairs; the Zig Zag chair by Gerrit Reitveld and the Grand Confort or LC2 chair by Le Corbusier, Perriand and Jeanneret. Changes to the proportions of the chairs will be proposed in an attempt to fit a variety of people, including outliers in the population. The findings of the study indicate that the chairs resulting from the anthropometric changes are not considered beautifu...
Abdulkader Tayob, from the University of Cape, joins the ISIM as the ISIM Chair at the University of Nijmegen. His arrival brings with it his wealth of experience in the study of Islam from the perspective of religious studies and South African politics. Tayob is particularly interested in the trends and developments in African Islam since the end of colonial rule. How have Muslims and Islamic institutions developed since the 1960s? Which interpretations of Islam, and which social and political forms, have dominated the public debate among Muslims? In spite of diversity, can one speak of an African experience of Islam? If so, what can this experience tell us about global Muslim experiences? These are the kinds of questions that Tayob will bring to the ISIM in the coming years.
Developed in preparation for reaffirmation of accreditation by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Developed in preparation for reaffirmation of accreditation by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Les intellectuels, notamment le intellectuels juifs, sont tiraillés entre le passé de l'holocauste avec son lourd impératif éthique et l'État d'Israël au cœur des conflits du Moyen-Orient. Or, c'était la France qui a marqué la pensée des premiers sionistes et nombre d'Israéliens se disent francophones. Mais l'État hébreux reste la bête noire d'une francophonie qui l'a banni. La tentative d'opposer le Juif à l'Etat d'Israël est aussi vaine que celle de l'identifier à celui-ci. De la fusillade de la rue des Rosiers en 1982 aux répercussions diplomatiques causées par Ariel Sharon invitant en juillet 2004 les Juifs de France de venir s'installer en Israël: serait-il possible que désormais on ne chérisse plus ce rêve d'une France berceau des valeurs républicaines et, pendant longtemps, terre d'accueil? ou que la France, par les biais des Is...
Augustine's highly dramatized resignation as a professor of rhetoric in Book Nine of The Confessions has caused a number of hermeneutic problems for scholars seeking to claim Augustine as an important part of rhetorical histories. By situating the resignation in the context of Augustine's critique of Manichaean practices of speech, I argue that Augustine's resignation marks a fundamental affirmation of rhetoric—an act in which Augustine's deep commitment to the arts of rhetoric shines forth with uncommon brilliance.
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