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Honorary Chair awarded to Michael Paul Meredith by the University of Highlands and Islands in recognition of polar research contributions.
Black & white photograph. Undated. Mock Tudor, Gothic revival style ceremonial chair kept in Vice-Chancellor's meeting room, believed to have originally been in Bonython Hall.
Neste relatório de estágio damos conta da nossa integração e actividades desenvolvidas e, mais especificamente, relativa ao projeto final da cadeira empilhavel denominada CG Chair. O estágio desenvolveu-se na empresa de mobiliário escolar e de escritório VS - Vereinigte Spezialmobelfabriken GmbH Co. KG, em Tauberbischöfsheim - Alemanha. É uma empresa que existe há 114 anos, domina o mercado mobiliário escolar na Europa e está a investir ainda no mobiliário para escritório. Iniciamos o estágio em Maio e terminamos em Agosto de 2012. No briefing foi-nos pedido para desenvolvermos uma nova interpretação das cadeiras LupoGlide e BasicGlide. Uma característica central do pedido consistiu em garantir um Design contemporâneo associado a uma boa qualidade de empilhamento numa cadeira ajustável aos divers...
The Rear Admiral C. Conrad Chair of Financial Management was established in 1986 to foster a robust relationship between the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller) (OASN (FM&C)) and the financial management program at the Naval Postgraduate School. The objective is to enhance professional development opportunities for faculty and students, and conduct and direct research supportive of the OASN (FM&C) in areas of resource management. The Conrad Chair is charged with enhancing the academic and practical capabilities of graduates to assume critical financial management positions in the Department of the Navy.
In this paper are presented, the recent advances of a demonstration project that focuses on the implementation of a hybrid system for a wheel chair incorporating a fuel cell and a metal hydride hydrogen storage system. Advantages regarding weight reduction and greater autonomy are emphasized, apart from the use of clean energy and the drastic reduction in charging time, when compared with the system before conversion.
The collaborative research project between MIT and IST students to elaborate and fabricate the first glass chair. The article reveals the background of the experiment enhancing as well the challenges and opportunities that this effort opened to the profession.
The Flogiston Chair incorporates NASA human factors in spacecraft design technology as well as information from NASA's Anthropometric Source Book. Designed by Brian V. Park, it provides a close approximation of the natural position a body assumes in weightless space. Its principal markets are information workers, designers, software developers, data processors, etc. It assists in maintaining concentration, is useful for relaxation and reality ventures. The chair may be fixed, rockable, or suspended from the ceiling.
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