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To hit the Volleyball game’s objective, the players must perform individual actions that in a specific structure form the tactic thought. Thus, it is important to verify the game’s actions, in this case the defensive tactic thought to find the best form to oppose it. The present study, intends to analyze the defensive tactic organization, as well as the place of touch of the ball in the ground, in function of the attack zone, trying to find a vulnerable zones standard. The offensive actions that had originated direct point, of the teams presents in 5º game of the end of the Play-Off, of the championship of masculine senior of Volleyball (Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Sporting Club de Espinho), had been analyzed. The defensive positioning of the team was analyzed, as well as the place of touch of the ball, dividing the field in 9 possible ...
The work of this dissertation focuses essentially on matters related to the areas of environmental acoustics – noise and discomfort to the urban population. Noise is a source of noise pollution, which is a combination of various sound sources, from commercial activities and services, religious spaces, construction, vehicle traffic, human activities, etc. This raises the level of urban noise and contributes to the emergence of unpleasant sound environments increasingly. With the evolution of society, noise is considered one of the most common environmental problems, degrading the quality of life and the environment. The legislation and international regulations have allowed the quantification by means of noise maps and acoustical prediction, where the legal authorities can view and plan interventional measures for a proper planning of t...
This assessment, reflecting poverty's many dimensions in Mozambique, combines multiple disciplines and diagnostic tools to explore poverty. It draws on a combination of approaches and tools from three separate analytical diagnostics developed by the World Bank: poverty assessment, country gender assessment, and country social analysis. It uses monetary, human, and social indicators and combines quantitative and qualitative approaches to understand trends in poverty and the dynamics that shape them. The objective is to support the development and implementation of pro-poor policies that really work by taking poverty's multiple dimensions into account. Because Mozambique has not colle...
food security, food policy, poverty reduction, Mozambique, agro-industrial investment
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