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Use dimensional analysis to simplify the Gaussian heat conduction solution used to model resistance welding (as discussed in problem "Heat transfer in resistance welding").
Comment: 142 pages, with a few more additions
In this article we present the Video Analysis Platform (VAP) which is an open source software framework for video analysis, processing and description. The main goals of VAP are: to provide a multiplatform system which allows the easy implementation of video algorithms, provide structures and algorithms for the segmentation of video data in its different levels of abstraction: shots, frames, objects, regions, etc, permit the generation and comparison of MPEG7-like descriptors, and develop testing applications for shot detection, shot matching, object segmentation and tracking, etc.
In recent times, there has been an increased requirements for software to be distributed. The well-known Fusion development method, however, can only be used to develpp sequential reactive systems, and certain restricted kinds of concurrent systems. In contrast, the Unified Modeling Language (UML) provides a rich set of notations that can be used to model systems that are distributed. In addition, UML provides the ability to introduce rigor into diagrams through its constraint language OCL. In this paper, we present a UML-based Fusion analysis phase by way of a simple bank case study, and we discuss some enhancements that were made in additon to a mapping of notations; our proosal is the first step towards providing a Fusion-based analysis phase which supports high-level modeling of distributed systems.
Comment: 4 pages, AMSTeX, to appear in Proceedings of the Seventh Crimean Autumn Mathematical School-Simposium on Spectral and Evolutionary Problems (September, 18-29, 1996, Sevastopol, Ukraine)
Arivia.kom was formed out of a merger of the information technology (IT) departments of Eskom, Transnet and Denel. The aim was to address skilled staff losses and to achieve economies of scale. Agreements were drafted ensuring arivia.kom business patronage for a period of five years. Arivia.kom's commencement was accompanied by problems, affecting its customers to the extent that they indicated dissatisfaction with performance. This study established the extent of those problems, and the reasons for their occurrence. A market analysis was conducted with specific focus on customer and competitor analysis. An investigation was conducted into the quality of service, overall customer impression of the organisation since its inception, as well as performance against competitors. The major findings indicated that performance problem...
This entry for the New Palgrave covers developments in nonlinear time series analysis over the last 25 years.
Introductory lecture on policy analysis and decision making, with a focus on decision makers in ports and harbours.
Quite a long time the analysis of tidal observations has been based on the knowledge of the frequencies of the tidal components. These frequencies follow from an analysis of the tidal potentialor the tide generating force. This analysis also yields amplitudes and phases, but they are not equal to those of the real tidal components, called tqe tidal constants. The latter, namely, have to be derived from observations and the method of the least squares is a suitable tooI for that purpose. Another method is the Fourier. analysis (transformation), which yields information about which components are important, and application of the method of least squares afterwards,but this method is used less frequently. One of the reasons is, that gaps in a registration cannot be handled by Fourier analysis, but the least squares method can overcome thi...
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