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This paper describes the initial steps taken towards incorporating an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) into Alice. After initially describing an ITS, the paper focuses on the development of several tutorials for teaching specific introductory programming concepts that have been created using stencils. Initial results concerning usability and effectiveness of these stencil-based tutorials are provided.
This paper presents the beam test results of the first four double-sided silicon strip modules built for the inner tracker of ALICE detector. The basic detector performance was studied with the focus made on the efficiency and spatial resolution determination. A fast method for the determination of the spatial resolution of the sensors in the telescope is described.
Die Erzeugung von Quarkonia, dem gebundenen Zustand eines schweren Quarks mit seinem Anti-Teilchen, wird seit langem als wichtiger Prozess zum Verständnis der Eigenschaften von Materie in Schwerionenkollisionen gesehen. Diese Dissertationschrift fasst Studien zur Erzeugung von Quarkonia in Schwerionenkollisionen am LHC zusammen. Dabei liegt das Hauptaugenmerk auf dem Zerfall von J/Psi- und Upsilon-Zuständen in deren di-elektronischen Zerfallskanäle, nachgewiesen in den zentralen Detektoren des ALICE-Detektors.
Comment: 4 pages (Latex), 1 Postscript figures, uses moriond.sty. Talk given at the XXXVIth Rencontres De Moriond QCD High Energy Hadronic Interactions, Les Arcs, Savoie, France, March 17-24,2000. Submitted to Proceedings of the XXXVIth Rencontres De Moriond QCD High Energy Hadronic Interactions, Les Arcs, Savoie, France, March 17-24, 2000
Comment: 5 pages, 2 figures, prepared for the proceedings of the "5th Italian Workshop on p-p Physics at LHC", Perugia, January 2008
After close to 20 years of preparation, the dedicated heavy ion experiment ALICE took first data with proton collisions at the LHC at the end of 2009. This article recalls the main design choices made for the detector and summarizes initial operation and performance of ALICE at the LHC; first physics results are covered elsewhere in these proceedings.
Comment: 4 pages. Proceeding of the talk given in the parallel session "Heavy flavor and strange production" of the Quark Matter 2006 (QM2006) conference held in Shanghai, China on November 14-20, 2006. To be published in Journal of Physcis G
Comment: 6 pages, 8 figures, presented at the "IV Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy", to be published in Acta Physica Polonica B
Comment: 12 pages, 8 figures, Proceedings for the 25th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics, Big Sky, Montana (USA), February 1-8, 2009
Comment: 4 pages, 4 figures- To appear in the conference proceedings for Quark Matter 2009, March 30 - April 4, Knoxville, Tennessee
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