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This work aims at the performance of the ALICE detector for the measurement of high-energy jets at mid-pseudo-rapidity in ultra-relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions at LHC and their potential for the characterization of the partonic matter created in these collisions. In our approach, jets at high energy with E_{T}>50 GeV are reconstructed with a cone jet finder, as typically done for jet measurements in hadronic collisions. Within the ALICE framework we study its capabilities of measuring high-energy jets and quantify obtainable rates and the quality of reconstruction, both, in proton-proton and in lead-lead collisions at LHC conditions. In particular, we address whether modification of the jet fragmentation in the charged-particle sector can be detected within the high particle-multiplicity environment of the central lead-lead col...
The ALICE experiment is shown to be well suited for studies of exclusive final states from central diffractive reactions. The gluon-rich environment ofthe central system allows detailed QCD studies and searches for exotic mesonstates, such as glueballs, hybrids and new charmonium-like states. It wouldalso provide a good testing ground for detailed studies of heavy quarkonia. Dueto its central barrel performance, ALICE can accurately measure the low-masscentral systems with good purity. The efficiency of the Forward MultiplicityDetector (FMD) and the Forward Shower Counter (FSC) system for detectingrapidity gaps is shown to be adequate for the proposed studies. With thisdetector arrangement, valuable new data can be obtained by tagging centraldiffractive processes.
Comment: 7 pages, 6 fig, to appear in Proceedings of HERA-LHC workshop, may 26-30, 2008, CERN
Comment: LaTeX, 11 pages, no figures, IC/94/156
Comment: 10 pages, 8 figures
Comment: Talk from the 2003 Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP03), La Jolla, Ca, USA, March 2003, 6 pages, LaTeX, 5 eps figures. PSN TUMT004
Les collisions d'ions lourds ultra-relativistes permettent de déterminer les propriétés de la matière nucléaire soumise à des conditions extrêmes de température et de pression. Le but ultime est la mise en évidence et l'étude d'un nouvel état de la matière : le plasma de quark et de gluons (QGP). Cet état pourrait avoir constitué l'univers quelques micro-secondes après le Big Bang et pourrait exister dans le coeur des étoiles à neutrons. ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) est l'expérience destinée à l'étude du QGP dans les collisions d'ions lourds ultra-relativistes au LHC (Large Hadron Collider). Le détecteur est conçu pour mesurer simultanément l'ensemble des signaux du QGP dans un environnement de grande densité de particules. Après une introduction générale sur les collisions d'ions lourds ultra-relativistes, les principaux ré...
ALICE adopted a strategy to develop a virtual interface to the detector simulation codes, the Virtual Monte Carlo [1], with which the transport of particles can be performed with three different detector simulation codes: GEANT 3.21 [2], Geant4 [3], and FLUKA [4]. The Root geometrical modeller, TGeo [5], was adopted by ALICE as the unique geometry description in the simulation and reconstruction framework. This implied the integration of the TGeo geometrical modeller with all the transport codes used. GEANT3 was the most frequently used detector transport codes in past years, however, the recent LHC data production has created a greater interest in other transport codes. In this paper we will present our experience with Geant4. We will give an overview and the present status of the tools used in the Geant4 simulation: the implementatio...
This thesis provides a glimpse into the life of one of the foremost musicians of the 20th century -- renowned performer and pedagogue, Alice Chalifoux. In order to gain insight into her life, the discussion begins by exploring a brief history of the harp, as well as a review of Miss Chalifoux's mentor and colleague, Carlos Salzedo. Miss Chalifoux is the representative of the Salzedo harp method and, many believe, his most outstanding student. Some argue that she actually surpasses her teacher both as performer and pedagogue. This project is focused primarily on Miss Chalifoux's public life as the former principal harpist of the Cleveland Orchestra (1931-1974), as well as her career as a teacher at the Cleveland Institute of Music, Oberlin-College Conservatory, Baldwin-Wallace College, and the University of Maryland, and her dire...
This presentation discusses research on the purification and analysis of mycobacteriophage Alice. The purpose of this research is to expand the knowledge of mycobacteriophage and analyze a single genome to be archived for future use.
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