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Comment: Proceedings of plenary talk at the 5th international conference on hard and electromagnetic probes of high-energy nuclear collisions (Hard Probes 2012), Cagliari, Italy. 8 pages, 8 figures
Comment: 8 pages, 12 figures, for the CHEP03 conference proceedings
Comment: Proceeding of the Conference "New Trends in High Energy Physics", Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine, September 3 - 10, 2011
Comparant l’Allemagne à l’ensemble des pays occidentaux, nombreux ont été les chercheurs et les activistes qui ont affirmé que les « gains » féministes n’avaient pas été aussi importants en Allemagne qu’à l’étranger. Cet état provisoire des lieux n’implique cependant pas l’absence de féministes en Allemagne. Le présent mémoire se penche sur la féministe allemande contemporaine la plus connue : Alice Schwarzer. À travers la vie, la pensée, les campagnes et les revendications de cette féministe de la « deuxième vague », le mémoire vise à mettre en lumière l’évolution du féminisme en Allemagne de l’Ouest dans la seconde moitié du 20e siècle. À travers l’étude de cas, le mémoire retrace de nombreuses luttes féministes et les situe dans leur contexte sociopolitique. Cette présentation permet de retracer l’histoire du féminisme allemand et...
Photograph of Alice Broadfoot rehearsing on stage for a performance.
The 60 MeV proton beam delivered by the RADEF facility of the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) was used to measure the radiation effects on the counter components of the V0 detector of ALICE. There are the scintillator BC404, the wavelength shifting fibres BCF9929A and the optical fibres BCF98 from Bicron (Saint-Gobain). The light yield and the time resolution given by a counter of the inner ring of the V0C array, mounted within a dedicated device, were measured as a function of the radiation dose up to about 300 krad. A global light attenuation of the order of 30% can be anticipated during 10 years of ALICE running.
Alice Hancock has worked a variety of jobs in her days. Before she retired, she was a school cook at the Union School. This interview was conducted in her living room.
Carta de Alice Pestana a Pedro Dorado Montero. Solicita noticias sobre el estado de salud de su hijo.
The collision centrality in the ALICE experiment will be determined by the Zero Degree Calorimeters (ZDCs) that will measure the spectator nucleons energy in heavy ion collisions. The ZDCs detect the Cherenkov light produced by the fast particles in the shower that cross the quartz fibers, acting as the active material embedded in a dense absorber matrix. Test beam results of the calorimeters are presented.
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