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After close to 20 years of preparation, the dedicated heavy ion experiment ALICE took first data with proton collisions at the LHC starting in November 2009. This article summarizes initial operation and performance of ALICE at the LHC as well as first results from collisions at 900 GeV and 7 TeV.
Comment: Contribution to QM2011, 4 pages, second version with minor textual changes after review process
Comment: Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy (WPCF 2011), 20-24 September 2011, Tokyo
Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures - To appear in the conference proceedings for Quark Matter 2009, March 30 - April 4, Knoxville, Tennessee
Comment: To appear in Conf. Proceedings 14th Workshop on Elastic and Diffractive Scattering (EDS Blois Workshop), Frontiers of QCD: From Puzzles to Discoveries, Quy Nhon, Vietnam, dec 15-21, 2011, 4 pages, 4 figures; Proceedings EDS11
Comment: 4 pages, 5 figures, Proceedings International Workshop on Diffraction in High-Energy Physics, Otranto, sept 10-15, 2010
Comment: 10 pages, 10 figures, EPIC@LHC - International Workshop on Early Physics with Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC; Published by American Institute of Physics (AIP) in the Conference Proceedings Series (2011)
Comment: 7 pages, 5 figures, proceedings of XLVII International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics, Bormio (Italy)
Comment: 10 pages, 4 figures, proceedings of the PHYSICS AT LHC 2010 Conference, DESY Hamburg, June 2010
Comment: 10 pages, 5 figures, proceedings for the Eleventh Workshop on Non-Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics, submitted to SPIRES e-Conference
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