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The materials of Alice E. Kober representing her research in support of the decipherment of Linear B. The collection includes correspondence, scholarly publications, statistical charts, and thousands of hand-written slips of paper cut to size and arranged in cigarette carton files.
Photograph of Alice Broadfoot sitting on a couch wearing a white dress as she rehearses for a speech.
Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA)
We review the most recent studies on the performance of ALICE in heavy flavour production measurements in both hadronic and semileptonic decay channels.
"Este Artículo pertenece a la sección Dipticolor. "
not peer reviewed
Comment: 4 pages, 1 figure, prepared for the proceedings of the DIS2008 conference, London, April 2008
Comment: Presented at the Workshop "LHC on the March" 16-18 November, 2011, Protvino. 10 pages, 7 figures
After close to 20 years of preparation, the dedicated heavy ion experiment ALICE took first data with proton collisions at the LHC starting in November 2009. This article summarizes initial operation and performance of ALICE at the LHC as well as first results from collisions at 900 GeV and 7 TeV.
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