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Comment: 8 pages, proceedings of Strangeness in Quark Matter 2011 conference
In view of the upcoming ALICE experiment, a dedicated detector to study ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, the present thesis has been devoted to the study of Elliptic Flow, i.e. the azimuthal anisotropy in the momenta distribution of the final state particles produced in the collision. The anisotropic flow is a key observable to study the thermodynamic properties and the Equation of State of the system created in the collision: the final momenta anisotropy can be connected to the spatial anisotropy of the initial state only by assuming that the system's constituents are strongly coupled and the system behaves as a relativistic fluid. The expected values of elliptic flow and charged multiplicity have been extrapolated to LHC energy (for lead-lead collision at 5.5 TeV per nucleon) in two ...
Biografia da Historiadora de Arte e Museóloga Maria Alice Beaumont.
This spreadsheet contains an index of all known publications of the Lady Alice craft series. The items included in this listing that are shaded in color indicate known titles not currently held by the library. Non-shaded items can be found in the Tennyson Library of Crochet & Related Arts, part of the University of Illinois Rare Books & Manuscripts Library.
Handwritten letter from Alice Barrett (possibly still Alice Brush at this point) to her brother Charles F., Sr., regarding thanks for a check.
Handwritten letter from Alice Barrett to her brother Charles F., Sr., regarding a recently received check from Charles, the weather where she is, and her desire to travel
Handwritten letter from Alice Barrett to her brother Charles F., Sr., regarding a check he sent her, missing the rest of her family, and maybe relating something regarding Edna being sick with the measles.
Handwritten letter from Alice Barrett to her brother Charles F., Sr., thanking him for a check she received that morning, and hoping he will come to visit her soon, for an upcoming event.
Under 1930-talet aktualiserades en rad frågor som rörde kvinnans ställning. var hennes plats i hemmet eller i yrkeslivet? fanns det en möjlighet att förena dessa verksamhetsfält? Alice Lyttkens skrev under 1930-talet sex romaner, där hon placerar sina protagonister i korselden av tidens frågor. men decenniet återkommer också i hennes senare produktion, både i romare skrivna ca 30 år senare, då hon kommer att inta positionen som en mer renodlad underhållningsförfattare, och i hennes memoarer, i vilka hon skildrar sina egna upplevelser av 1930-talet. I denna bok diskuterar och jämför Eva heggestad Alice Lyttkens olika skildringar av 1930-talet. Förutom hennes uppfattning i kvinnofrågan, behandlas frågor som rör genreanpassning och återbruk. Men också Lyttkens egen ställning i 1930-talet tas upp. hur mottogs hennes kontakter med förlaget?...
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