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The tetrafluoropyridyl substituent of the N-heterocycle carbene ligand 1-(2,3,5,6-tetrafluoropyridyl)-3-benzylimidazolin-2-ylidene has been shown to undergo nucleophilic attack when coordinated to rhodium or silver. For the complex Cp *RhCl ₂{κC-(4-NC ₅F ₄)NC ₃H ₂N(CH ₂C ₆H ₅)} nucleophilic attack occurred at the less activated position, meta to the pyridyl ring nitrogen atom. In contrast, for the silver complex [Ag{κC-(4-NC ₅F ₅)NC ₅H ₅N(CH ₅C ₆H ₅)}] + nucleophilic attack occurred ortho to the pyridyl ring nitrogen atom.
Tēnei au te noho nei me te kōroiroi o whakaaro i roto i a Hinengaro. He aha rā te take kāore i mau mai ai ngā ingoa Māori tūturu, whai mana nei i te taenga mai o te Pākehā ki Aotearoa nei? Nā wai i kī ka hurihia ngā ingoa kua tapaina noatia e ngā mātua tīpuna kia noho ko te North me te South Island?
Whilst standards have been established to define whether or not a honey can be called manuka, little progress has been made with establishing a standard for describing the antibacterial activity of manuka honey. In New Zealand and in other countries there are laws that protect consumers from being misled, and laws to protect traders from unfair competition. Anyone making a claim for honey having a particular level of antibacterial activity when selling it needs to take care that they are not falling foul of these laws. This article has been written to ensure that false claims are not made unknowingly.
The objectives of the Rural Development Programme for Lithuania for the period 2007 to 2013 are to: (a) preserve natural and cultural heritage objects, (b) support complementary activity in the rural areas, and (c) generate rural tourism as an economic sector. The aim of this study is to identify current trends specific to the Lithuanian rural tourism sector and propose potential means of development. This study focuses on an inter-county assessment of rural tourism flows within Lithuania by the means of an index decomposition analysis. Consequently, an analysis was undertaken covering factors including the number of the rural tourism farmsteads, spatial distribution of those farmsteads, and capacity, an amended Defert Index, and duration of stay effects. The analysis suggests that the Lithuanian rural tourism sector was negatively aff...
Editorial. Wittgenstein, the Austrian counter-Enlightenment philosopher who developed two distinctive philosophies and influenced the turn towards language (‘the linguistic turn’) was perhaps the preeminent philosopher of context. The work know as the Philosophical Investigations (Wittgenstein, 1953), published posthumously, asserted a doctrine of ‘meaning as use’ and helps to supply a pragmatic account of meaning that simultaneously took on both cultural and historic aspects leading to a radical semantic, cultural and epistemological contextualism.
This article considers the relationship between gaming and gender, and explores how eight mature women gamers (30 years of age and older), living in the Waikato region of New Zealand negotiate their ‘real-life’ identities with their ‘virtual’ gaming identities. In particular, performances of ‘gender-bending’ in gaming are examined and Butler's notion of ‘gender trouble’ is drawn upon to look at the ways in which ‘gender-bending’ disrupts and/or reinforces hegemonic binary distinctions of gender – masculinity/femininity and man/woman. This article concludes by arguing that gender-switching within gaming spaces is a normative practice within gaming culture, and as such, acts of ‘gender-bending’ do very little to challenge or ‘bend’ dominant notions of gender within the spaces of mainstream gaming.
Editorial: This special issue, ‘Revisiting Geographies of Sexuality and Gender Down Under’, corresponds with the 2008 themed issue of Australian Geographer, ‘Geographies of Sexuality and Gender Down Under’. This introduction reviews some existing literature on sexual and gender geographies in Australia and New Zealand, seeking to further decentre the dominance of Anglo-American work in these fields. It discusses how the special issue and its articles are located within both lineages of Australasian geographical scholarship on sexuality and gender and key themes of sexual and gender geographies globally. The six contributed articles are introduced and positioned within these frames of reference.
The ways in which domestic spaces function as sites of sexual subjectivity and relationship formation for heterosexual couples is an understudied area in geography. One way to address this gap in knowledge is to focus attention on the varied ways in which heterosexual couples use the practices and spaces of do-it-yourself (DIY) and home renovation to construct, materialise and sometimes disrupt their subjectivities and relationships. Taking into consideration the significance of home ownership in New Zealand, I argue that the practices of DIY and home renovations are an everyday event that can occur both within the dwelling and beyond. A focus on heterosexuality, home, DIY and home renovation encourages a more nuanced reading of the mutually constitutive relationship between bodies and spaces.
Editorial. The purpose of the special session was to bring together researchers who have successfully developed established techniques for formulating or solving different types of eigenvalue problems and those who are in the process of searching for new strategies to tackle emerging or longstanding problems, to exchange ideas on furthering the knowledge base of solving eigenvalue problems, in mechanics.
The effect of different in-plane boundary conditions on the critical load and post-buckling behaviour of a uniaxially compressed, simply supported corrugated paperboard panel is examined, with the aim of reducing the discrepancy between model and published experimental results. In-plane boundary conditions with uniform load distribution or uniform compression on the loaded edges, free or constant normal in-plane edge movement and shear free edges, are modelled. Analytical single-term Galerkin and finite element approaches are used. The critical loads obtained analytically and numerically, for different boundary conditions agree well with an analytical reference result.
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