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This research examines the affect of overconfidence on the entrepreneurial investment choices of individuals. We argue that individual overconfidence is associated with more aggressive entrepreneurial investment decisions. We show that the propensity of an individual to begin startup activities is positively associated with the individual's level of overconfidence. Furthermore, overconfidence increases the likelihood of a nascent entrepreneur creating an operating business from her startup activity. These results are significant even when controlling for other known characteristics associated with the tendency to undertake entrepreneurial venturing. We investigated decisions related to venture funding and human capital investment in the venture, and investment risk but did not find that overconfidence was significantly related to these...
We analyzed Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash for all references to avatars. This analysis is documented here, including a comparison of the Snow Crash avatars to the current state of real-time virtual human research. The avatar characteristics discussed include appearance, clothing and attachments, ethnicity, locomotion, body actions, forms of communication, and emotion and personality.
Most research on adolescents and firearms focus on urban populations, handguns, and homicide. The present investigation examines the prevalence and correlates of recreational gun use (RGU) - for hunting or target shooting - among 5801 community-residing 12- to 17-year old Californians. Data are from the first statewide California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), and person, design, and population weights were applied to the data. About one-fifth (22.4%) of California adolescents report that they have gone hunting or target shooting. Nearly two thirds (62.8%) have hunted with a family member, typically (67.3%) their father. Recreational gun use among adolescents appears to be linked to a few basic demographic characteristics; most notably, males had an AOR of RGU nearly five times that of females. Some of the variables associated with RG...
Many American cities are experiencing a rise in the number of residents in their downtowns. This phenomenon has deep roots but is extremely fragile. Six approaches to developing downtown housing dominate the arrangements. The public and private sectors have cooperated in many ways to attract this type of investment. Downtown housing, however, is only part of the larger puzzle of urban revitalization and metropolitan growth. Many questions regarding the nature of downtown land uses, including the relationship between housing and employment, remain. This article presents statistical evidence regarding downtown housing for 45 cities and outlines the approaches many have employed to capture these housing units. It also demonstrates the difficulty of defining a city's downtown.
A current mode CMOS active pixel sensor (APS) providing linear light-to-current conversion with inherently low fixed pattern noise (FPN) is presented. The pixel features adjustable-gain current output using a pMOS readout transistor in the linear region of operation. This paper discusses the pixel’s design and operation, and presents an analysis of the pixel’s temporal noise and FPN. Results for zero and first-order pixel mismatch are presented. The pixel was implemented in a both a 3.3 V 0.35 µm and a 1.8 V 0.18 µm CMOS process. The 0.35 µm process pixel had an uncorrected FPN of 1.4%/0.7% with/without column readout mismatch. The 0.18 µm process pixel had 0.4% FPN after delta-reset sampling (DRS). The pixel size in both processes was 10 X 10 µm2, with fill factors of 26% and 66%, respectively.
My ALA Mindwinter 2008 presentation slides on subject maps. For more details on how subject maps are created, see the New Maps of the Library white paper from 2006.
For many researchers, the literature of reliability coefficients seems bewildering although the methodological problem in which they are embedded is reasonably clear: Since we can never know what it is that we claim to see independent of our seeing it, or, translated into the language of science, since we can not test hypotheses about reality without first generating the observations or data to talk about, the accuracy by which primary data "represent" an unobserved nature remains unascertainable in principle (Krippendorff, 1991). Yet, to assure that the data that go into scientific inquiries are not accidental, it is important to demonstrate that the data-generating procedures are reproducible under varying circumstances and by several observers. All reliability measures are intended to express the degree to which several observers, s...
This letter describes the fundamental process underlying the synthesis of ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) films, using a new low-pressure, heat-assisted bias-enhanced nucleation (BEN)/bias enhanced growth (BEG) technique, involving H2/CH4 gas chemistry. This growth process yields UNCD films similar to those produced by the Ar-rich/CH4 chemistries, with pure diamond nanograins (3–5 nm), but smoother surfaces (~6 nm rms) and higher growth rate (~1 µm/h). Synchrotron-based x-Ray absorption spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy studies on the BEN-BEG UNCD films provided information critical to understanding the nucleation and growth mechanisms, and growth condition-nanostructure-property relationships.
The Predatory Society examines the inadequacies of marketing and the free market system. It is written by a sociologist. I think that, in general, sociologists are biased against marketing people. The bias runs like this: Sociologists believe that consenting adults should be allowed to enter into agreements without state interference. However, if those agreements involve legal transactions with money, the freedom of the consenting adults should be abridged for the protection of those adults. An elite should decide how much freedom is in the interests of these people. Translated into marketers' terms, the argument is that the state should regulate the behavior of adult buyers and sellers because the former are honest but incompetent and the latter are often dishonest. Blumberg lives up to some of my expectations, but he is also aware of...
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