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This thesis describes a numerical study on identifying parameters controlling the shoaling rate for the normally incident low frequency motion and the long wave reflection in the coastal zone.
Met bijlage: A0 poster. Aan de basis van dit onderzoek staan twee vragen: 1. In welke vorm kunnen kassen duurzaam geintegreerd worden in de stedelijk omgeving? 2. In welke vorm kunnen kassen duurzaam geintegreerd worden in Rotterdam Fruitport?
Nowadays the protection of our country for high sea levels and heavy storms is daily news. The ComCoast project (COMbined functions in the COASTal defence zones) is originated by ten organisations out of five European countries bordering the North Sea coasts in order to develop innovative solutions for flood protection in coastal areas. Instead of automatically raising the coastal defence zone on places where more protection is needed, ComCoast creates multifunctional flood management schemes with a more gradual transition from sea to land. Part of the new solutions is the wave overtopping resistant dike. This so called "overtopping durable dike", should withstand wave overtopping during a storm in much better than the current ones. More knowledge about the loads on the dike by wave overtopping is therefore needed. Recently formulae ...
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