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Nowadays, the idea of the problem invades the school and training. How to avoid that this idea does not dilute and caricaturizes itself? It seems necessary to go back to the root question: What is problematization? The genesis of the paradigm of problematization is studied here departing from 4 problem philosophies from John Dewey, Gaston Bachelard, Gilles Deleuze and Michel Meyer. While these philosophies come up from different intuitions and develop their own theories, they largely converge on the idea of problematization which allows a precise definition of concepts (the problematization, the problem, the issue). These philosophies also allow to highlight the intellectual demands of an attitude that seems to take its normal course of the common thought and even - according to some of our authors - of philosophical thought,marked pre...
As várias crises no mundo, causados por conflitos armados – locais, regionais, nacionais ou internacionais – desastres naturais, doenças ou situações económicas que agravam a distância entre pobres e ricos, têm colocado pressão na educação nas instituições de ensino superior. Que consequências têm os diferentes tipos de crise na educação e que papel podem as instituições de educação desempenhar nestas situações?
Forcing us to take a deeper look, through critical reflection, at the different faces of the crisis and of education gives us the opportunity, at this momento, to try to get answers to who that presents himself as a teacher, not so much from one more question, but from the fundamental question which is the link and responsibility between what is done in the classroom and the way that practice helps achieve the purpose of a qualified democratic education. In this sense, we can ask: is there an education in times of crisis, which is different from what is institutionalized in other periods? or, in other words, what is the purpose of is education in times of crisis?
This communication aims to present a research work done collaboratively by several training centers for childcare work in Europe. The project is finishing at this very moment I’m writing (late 2000) its second year, but it shall be extended for at least other two years. Therefore, here we are dealing with the first part of the project. It is important to understand that this is a true team effort that has been organized spontaneously without any external proposal.
Problematization is fashinable: it has been invoked a bit everywhere. But does it always mean the same process? This article attempts to explain, based on Bachelard, Canguilhem and Popper, what is the scientific problematization, by studying the relationships between problematization and conceptualization in Sciences and scientific learning. Therefore, it describes some steps of investigations undertaken for several years on these issues within CREN (University of Nantes).
This article explains a set of behavioral assumptions and operational concepts inherent to the development of the process of problematization and dilemmatization. These conceptualizations are designed to build an example application of these methodologies, very specifically to the case of training of social workers in general and social educators in particular. This last topics allows to combine theoretical considerations with its operation prior to that specific training program built using the techniques of dramatization.
Caderno "Opinião", onde damos conta da partilha breve das respostas de três personalidades a quem foi pedida uma opinião relativamente às causas da crise e do papel da educação neste tempo.
Este número especial da Revista Saber & Educar é integralmente dedicado à problematização e à dilematização enquanto metodologias aplicadas ao processo de ensino-aprendizagem e de formação de profissionais de educação. Dá-se assim expressão pública àquele que é um trabalho continuado e sistemático que tem vindo a ser desenvolvido ao longo dos últimos anos na Escola Superior de Educação de Paula Frassinetti.
At a time when we look at the evaluation in one way made sacred, we provide a more incisive attention on the assessment of teacher performance, while consolidation factor to important educational changes for the resolution of the crisis which we live. With this paper, we undertook an exercise in a new interrogation the assessment of the teachers, listing it in a context of a crisis and inducing it as singular educational policy, now enrolled in a prospective condescending of the crisis, now a mitigation perspective of the current state of social and economic disturbance. For this, we proceed to a short analysis exercise of the paradigmatic changes may influence the understanding and the contribution of teacher performance assessment in scope to the exit of the social crisis. We synthesized our approach about the effect of accommodating...
The contemporary crisis, while generating poverty andunemployment, touches our existence: spreads insecurity,steals dignity, imposes suffering, and leads manypeople to live by surviving. But the crisis also brings aproblem of meaning by threatening the horizon thatguides us, the foundations that sustain us and hope thattranscends us. It threatens also by demanding other horizons,other foundations, other forms to decline hope.It intensifies when these alternatives are slow to appear.
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