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Southeast Neighborhood Plan Goal: a well designed, coordinated development that has adequate infrastructure, transportation networks, and open space. [From the document]
[The] LEED ND Rating System Contains: 9 prerequisites; 47 credits that have 100 core points; 5 Innovation Design & Process points; 1 point for having a LEED Accredited Professional involved in the process; total of 106 points available. [From the document]
The purpose of this study is to assess the development feasibility of an 800-room hotel on Portland Development Commission property near the Oregon Convention Center. [From the document]
[This] Strategy is consistent with the Coburg Parks and Open Space Master Plan objectives, strategies, and actions. More specifically, it provides greater detail regarding the "Proposed Linear Park Corridor" identified on the Proposed Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan map (right) and described in the capital improvements project list. [From the Plan]
The 2040 Centers Transportation Strategies and Mode Split Targets project aids the TSP by: developing a set of quantitative descriptors measuring land use and transportation characteristics associated with increased use of alternative modes; setting non-single occupancy vehicle mode split targets for selected 2040 town centers and station communities; identifying strategies for reducing reliance on single occupancy vehicles in Portland’s town centers and station communities by promoting walking, bicycling, transit use, and carpooling. [From the document]
This final report presents the Preferred Alternative as developed by the Project Management Team (PMT). The Preferred Alternative includes two main sections: The Street Design and Circulation Plan - includes recommended cross-sections and other street design and transportation improvements to enhance all modes of travel in the McLoughlin Corridor; the Zoning Proposal - includes the EMf's recommendation and analysis of land use issues. [From the Plan]
The purpose of the Evaluation Report is threefold. It is designed to: 1) document progress made on the T-2000 Plan's projects and policies during the last five years; 2) evaluate the T-2000 Plan using the most recent travel information and the land use specified in the Metropolitan Area General Plan; and 3) seek guidance from the community on the key assumptions and principles which will guide the update of the T-2000 Plan. [From the document]
The City of Cannon Beach developed this addendum to the Clatsop County multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan in an effort to increase the community's resilience to natural hazards. The addendum focuses on the natural hazards that could affect Cannon Beach, Oregon, which include coastal erosion, drought, earthquake, flood, landslide, tsunami, volcano, wildfire, windstorms and winter storms. [From the Plan]
This document provides an air quality conformity determination for projects included in the 2008-2011 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). This document also fulfills the requirement to make a conformity determination within 18 months of a Motor Vehicle Emissions Budget Adequacy Finding from EPA. [From the document]
Item contains 2 files: 1) "The Nature of 2040" brochure. 16 pp. Maps, charts, tables, illus. Not dated; most recent activity 2000. Bookmarks supplied by UO; 2) 2040 Concept Map. 1p. Not dated; most recent activity November, 17, 2005. Captured January 28, 2009.
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