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[[abstract]]The current study addresses the debate between so-called 'structural' and 'processing limitation' accounts of aphasia, i.e., whether language impairments reflect the 'loss' of linguistic knowledge or its representations, or instead reflect a limitation in
[[abstract]]Impulsive-violent offenders are often less capable of controlling their behavior. A cued Go/No-go task was used to test the hypothesis that impulsive-violent behavior reflects a deficit in the ability to inhibit prepotent responses and could be reflected
[[abstract]]This study investigated whether a mirror mechanism exists for bipedal locomotion. We employed the soleus (plantar flexor) Hoffman reflex to investigate corticospinal excitability at the spinal level during observation of bipedal locomotion. The differenti
[[abstract]]Impulsive violent criminal behavior is often ascribed to problems with behavioral control. Such behavior could be a consequence of stronger pre-potent responses or a failure of inhibitory control. A countermanding task which allows dissociation of these t
[[abstract]]Passing objects from one hand to the other occurs frequently in our daily life. What kind of information about the weight of the object is transferred between the holding and lifting hand? To examine this, we asked people to hold (and heft) an object in o
[[abstract]]Lexical-semantic investigations in cognitive neuroscience have focused on conceptual knowledge of concrete objects. By contrast, relational concepts have been largely ignored. We examined thematic role and locative knowledge in 14 left-hemisphere-damage p
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