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The present status of the in-medium invariant $\pi-\pi$ mass distribution in the sigma-meson channel around the threshold is reviewed from the theory side and contrasted with recent experiments on $(\pi,2\pi)$ knock-out reactions. A preliminary investigation indicates that the strongly target-mass dependent invariant mass enhancement of the two pions can be explained theoretically. A more refined reaction theory is needed to confirm this result. In the theoretical description, based on the linear sigma model, emphasis is put on constraints from chiral symmetry.
Performing a global fit of the experimental branching ratios and CP asymmetries of the charmless B ! PV decays according to QCD factorization, we find it impossible to reach a satisfactory agreement, the confidence level (CL) of the best fit being smaller than 0.1%. The main reason for this failure is the difficulty to accomodate several large experimental branching ratios of the strange channels. Furthermore, experiment was not able to exclude a large direct CP asymmetry in $\overline {B°}\rightarrow gamma+pi−, which is predicted very small by QCD factorisation. Then, trying a fit with QCD factorisation complemented by a charming-penguin inspired model, we reach a best fit which is not excluded by experiment (CL of about 8%) but is not fully convincing. These negative results must be tempered by the remark that some of the experimenta...
The first experimental results for coherent $\pi^0$-electroproduction on the deuteron, $e+d\to e+d +\pi^0$, at large momentum transfer, are reported. The experiment was performed at Jefferson Laboratory at an incident electron energy of 4.05 GeV. A large pion production yield has been observed in a kinematical region for 1.1$
We study the impact of flavour in thermal leptogenesis, including the quantum oscillations of the asymmetries in lepton flavour space. In the Boltzmann equations we find different numerical factors and additional terms which can affect the results significantly. The upper bound on the CP asymmetry in a specific flavour is weaker than the bound on the sum. This suggests that -- when flavour dynamics is included -- there is no model-independent limit on the light neutrino mass scale,and that the lower bound on the reheat temperature is relaxed by a factor ~ (3 - 10).
With its good properties of biocompatibility and bioactivity hydroxyapatite (HA) is highly used as bone substitutes and as coatings on metallic prostheses. In order to improve bioactive properties of HA we have elaborated Zn2+ doped hydroxyapatite. Zn2+ ions substitute for Ca2+ cations in the HA structure and four Zn concentrations (Zn/Zn+Ca) were prepared 0.5, 1, 2, 5 % at. To study physico-chemical reactions at the materials periphery, we immersed the bioceramics into biological fluids for delays from 1 day to 20 days. The surface changes were studied at the nanometer scale by scanning transmission electron microscopy associated to energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. After 20 days of immersion we observed the formation of a calcium-phosphate layer at the periphery of the HA doped with 5% of zinc. This layer contains magnesium and i...
Normal parity bands are studied in 157Gd, 163Dy and 169Tm using the pseudo SU(3) shell model. Energies and B(E2) transition strengths of states belonging to six low-lying rotational bands with the same parity in each nuclei are presented. The pseudo SU(3) basis includes states with pseudo-spin 0 and 1, and 1/2 and 3/2, for even and odd number of nucleons, respectively. States with pseudo-spin 1 and 3/2 must be included for a proper description of some excited bands.
The interpretation of experimental results at RHIC and in the future also at LHC requires very reliable and realistic models. Considerable effort has been devoted to the development of such models during the past decade, many of them being heavily used in order to analyze data. There are, however, serious inconsistencies in the above-mentioned approaches. In this paper, we will introduce a fully self-consistent formulation of the multiple-scattering scheme in the framework of a Gribov-Regge type effective theory.
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