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A 60 year-old male patient was admitted to our institution referring repeated episodes of abdominal cramps and distention, weight loss, fatigue and anorexia. Abdominal radiogram showed dilatation of small bowel loops with few gas-fluid levels
A 45 years old male patient complaining of a lump in the left flank, associated with a dull, heavy, pulling feeling, underwent an abdominal CT.
INTRODUCTION: Conflicting results have been reported with respect to the relationship between direct or indirect measures of glycemic control in mothers with type 1 diabetes and macrosomia. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the frequency of LGA babies in type 1 diabetic pregnancies and analyse the influence of some maternal characteristics and glucose control in oversized babies. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A retrospective study of 18 pregnant women with type 1 diabetes mellitus was performed. It was divided in two groups: group 1 (G1- n=9)--pregnant women with LGA babies and group 2 (G2- n=9)--pregnant women with AGA (Appropriate weight for gestational age) babies. We evaluate the follow parameters: HbA1c in the third trimester of pregnancy, fasting and 1 h postprandial capillary glucose levels, pregestational BMI, maternal age, duration of Diabetes m...
A 30 years old male patient presented to the emergency room with a three day history of right upper quadrant pain and jaundice.
A 59 years old patient presented to the emergency room with a two month history of a vague postprandial abdominal heaviness. In the past week vomiting and abdominal pain appeared suddenly. Anorexia developed and there was an average weight loss of about 5 Kg.
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to study the incidence and causes of acute rejection (AR) on cadaveric renal transplants under cyclosporine A-based immunosuppression, and to investigate the AR effect on the ocurrence of chronic dysfunction (CD) and on the outcome of transplantation. METHODS: We analyzed 794 renal transplants from cadaver donor between December, 1985 and December, 1999. We examined the major donor, recipient and graft-related factors and their influence in graft outcome. The diagnosis of AR was in 65% based in clinical and laboratorial findings: fever, decrease of diuresis, graft pain and/or strained and a serum creatinine increase of at least 0,4 mg/dl, and in 35% the diagnosis of AR was biopsy-proven. Statistics included univariate and multivariate analysis. Graft and patient survival rates were calculated by Ka...
A 74-year-old woman, previously healthy, presented with right upper quadrant pain. She had no history of trauma, surgery, biopsy, or known hepatic disease. On physical examination she had mild tenderness in the right upper quadrant, without hepatosplenomegaly or palpable abdominal masses. Laboratory analyses including liver-associated enzymes were within normal limits.
A 52-year-old woman complained of pain, swelling and functional impairment on the second digit of the hand 6 weeks after she punctured the finger with a cactus thorn.
Our patient who was on long term amiodarone treatment presented with a 10 day history of cough and dyspnea. Chest X-ray showed multiple pulmonary infiltrates. HRCT depicted patchy areas of ground glass attenuation and areas of consolidation, with a peripheral and peribronchovascular distribution, associated with dilated bronchi. The amiodarone was discontinued and the patient treated with corticosteroids.
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