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To use the scientific resource of marine data effectively an information system was developed which guarantees longtime storage of the data in consistent formats and provides easy access for the scientific community via World Wide Web or a system specific client software with high functionality. The system is able to store data together with raw data, evaluated data and all related meta-information necessary for their understanding. The system provides standardized import and export routines, easy access with uniform retrieval functions, and tools for the visualization of data. The system is designed as a network with client/server technology providing access and data exchange through the Internet.
Osmoregulation was studied in the zoeal stages I to III, the megalopa, juvenile crab stages I and II, and in adults of the grapsid crab Armases miersii. The larvae hatch and develop in tropical supratidal rock pools, where ample variations of salinity occur. To cope with this harsh environment, the capacity for osmoregulation is well developed at hatching, and becomes further accentuated in the larvae and juveniles. All zoeal stages hyper-regulated at low salinity (5 to 26 PSU), but at higher salinity (33 to 44 PSU), they were hyper- osmoconformers. The type of osmoregulation changed in the megalopa stage to a hyper-hypo-regulation pattern. While the hyper-osmoregulatory capacity increased gradually throughout postembryonic development from hatching to adult, the hypo- osmoregulatory capacity increased from the megalopa to the adult. T...
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